Thursday chess club league autumn 2014

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Ryan Zhou 96122214822
2Matt Roberts85212012820
3Joe Ingram85212012820
4Abid Ali95041917219
5Harry Tolcher94141818018
6Wasif Altaf83051418-414
7Imran Vloemans4310115611
8John Yu5221119211
9James Butler33009369
10David Robjohns33009369
11Oliver Wratten5113812-48
12Nivethan Kajendran6105816-88
13Aaron Baird411279-27
14Jack Dry4103610-46
15Miss Cunningham5014614-86
16Nick Gadd21014404
17Jonathan Entwistle301248-44
18Sam Gale4004412-84
19Rufus Hornsey11003123
20Monideep Gosh11003123
21Aimon Haba11003123
22Sam Harris201135-23
23Anna Stroud10102202
24Anthony Muscat10102202
25James Brader200226-42
26Kelvin Cheung100113-21
27James Stewart Jones100113-21
28Un-named team00000000
29Mrs Worley00000000

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Joe Ingram3v1Jonathan Entwistle
Matt Roberts3v1James Brader
Imran Vloemans3v1Nivethan Kajendran
David Robjohns3v1James Brader
John Yu3v1Harry Tolcher
Ryan Zhou 3v1Abid Ali
Ryan Zhou 3v1Sam Gale
Joe Ingram2v2Oliver Wratten
Joe Ingram3v1Oliver Wratten
Joe Ingram3v1Oliver Wratten
John Yu2v2Ryan Zhou
Abid Ali3v1Ryan Zhou
Matt Roberts3v1Aaron Baird
Joe Ingram3v1Jack Dry
Wasif Altaf3v1Nivethan Kajendran
Ryan Zhou 3v1Abid Ali
Harry Tolcher2v2Imran Vloemans
Matt Roberts3v1Aaron Baird
James Butler3v1Jonathan Entwistle
Aaron Baird2v2Matt Roberts
Ryan Zhou 3v1Nivethan Kajendran
Monideep Gosh3v1Miss Cunningham
Nick Gadd1v3Wasif Altaf
Nick Gadd3v1Wasif Altaf
Matt Roberts3v1Jack Dry
David Robjohns3v1James Stewart Jones
Sam Harris1v3Abid Ali
Abid Ali3v1Wasif Altaf
Imran Vloemans3v1John Yu
Harry Tolcher3v1Miss Cunningham
Harry Tolcher3v1Miss Cunningham
Joe Ingram2v2Matt Roberts
John Yu2v2Sam Harris
Harry Tolcher3v1Nivethan Kajendran
Ryan Zhou 3v1Sam Gale
Abid Ali3v1Wasif Altaf
Ryan Zhou 3v1Sam Gale
Imran Vloemans3v1Harry Tolcher
Abid Ali3v1Wasif Altaf
Nivethan Kajendran3v1Harry Tolcher
Wasif Altaf3v1Abid Ali
James Butler3v1Joe Ingram
David Robjohns3v1Oliver Wratten
John Yu3v1Sam Gale
Matt Roberts3v1Jack Dry
Anna Stroud2v2Miss Cunningham
Rufus Hornsey3v1Abid Ali
Aaron Baird3v1Wasif Altaf
Harry Tolcher3v1Nivethan Kajendran
Joe Ingram3v1Matt Roberts
Anthony Muscat2v2Jonathan Entwistle
Aimon Haba3v1Harry Tolcher
Oliver Wratten3v1Ryan Zhou
James Butler3v1Miss Cunningham
Jack Dry3v1Kelvin Cheung

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