Thursday B Grade Mens

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sets Of Anarchy18150352331121260
2Bro Town18142249830819060
3Those Guys1913155084585054
4Early Birds1812064383617748
5Good Sesh16110550829421444
6Notorious DIG1810084484282040
7Casual Game198110445513-6834
8Set Us Up187011396433-3728
9Funky Bunch186111401445-4426
10Tune Squad14608352348424
11Team DLux12507268323-5520
12Crazy Panthers182115350529-17910
13Mud Crabs180018312696-3840

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Notorious DIG26v16Funky Bunch
Team DLux28v16Funky Bunch
Crazy Panthers18v32Notorious DIG
Good Sesh20v19Team DLux
Those Guys29v21Crazy Panthers
Those Guys21v39Good Sesh
Mud Crabs15v30Tune Squad
Casual Game29v24Tune Squad
Early Birds38v16Mud Crabs
Bro Town29v17Casual Game
Set Us Up21v24Early Birds
Sets Of Anarchy14v26Bro Town
Sets Of Anarchy29v12Set Us Up
Notorious DIG25v14Casual Game
Funky Bunch50v14Casual Game
Mud Crabs19v37Notorious DIG
Early Birds19v16Funky Bunch
Good Sesh43v23Mud Crabs
Good Sesh18v23Early Birds
Sets Of Anarchy18v17Team DLux
Bro Town38v17Team DLux
Tune Squad11v33Sets Of Anarchy
Set Us Up24v38Bro Town
Those Guys24v23Tune Squad
Crazy Panthers11v23Set Us Up
Good Sesh22v21Funky Bunch
Bro Town21v21Funky Bunch
Tune Squad21v32Notorious DIG
Set Us Up21v16Bro Town
Casual Game16v25Tune Squad
Mud Crabs16v25Set Us Up
Mud Crabs16v25Casual Game
Notorious DIG16v25Those Guys
Good Sesh29v13Those Guys
Early Birds29v13Crazy Panthers
Sets Of Anarchy29v13Crazy Panthers
Sets Of Anarchy29v13Early Birds
Those Guys30v15Team DLux
Sets Of Anarchy56v10Team DLux
Tune Squad22v28Those Guys
Early Birds17v23Sets Of Anarchy
Mud Crabs12v51Tune Squad
Good Sesh16v25Early Birds
Good Sesh62v6Mud Crabs
Sets Of Anarchy25v24Crazy Panthers
Those Guys32v25Crazy Panthers
Set Us Up18v15Casual Game
Notorious DIG34v24Casual Game
Bro Town25v15Set Us Up
Funky Bunch26v20Notorious DIG
Funky Bunch9v39Bro Town
Funky Bunch22v21Mud Crabs
Sets Of Anarchy46v14Mud Crabs
Crazy Panthers27v20Funky Bunch
Notorious DIG29v18Casual Game
Bro Town21v11Crazy Panthers
Set Us Up24v25Notorious DIG
Set Us Up20v22Bro Town
Casual Game34v20Tune Squad
Sets Of Anarchy30v22Tune Squad
Team DLux12v44Early Birds
Those Guys22v28Early Birds
Those Guys29v23Team DLux
Mud Crabs22v27Crazy Panthers
Good Sesh62v9Crazy Panthers
Team DLux37v19Mud Crabs
Sets Of Anarchy24v18Good Sesh
Set Us Up23v28Team DLux
Funky Bunch17v23Sets Of Anarchy
Funky Bunch22v26Set Us Up
Casual Game22v18Early Birds
Tune Squad28v16Early Birds
Those Guys27v33Casual Game
Bro Town22v23Tune Squad
Notorious DIG27v28Those Guys
Notorious DIG17v20Bro Town
Early Birds21v17Sets Of Anarchy
Team DLux31v14Sets Of Anarchy
Notorious DIG16v37Early Birds
Casual Game16v31Team DLux
Good Sesh35v4Notorious DIG
Good Sesh43v9Casual Game
Crazy Panthers24v25Set Us Up
Funky Bunch26v23Set Us Up
Bro Town25v11Crazy Panthers
Those Guys26v23Funky Bunch
Those Guys19v19Bro Town
Mud Crabs21v36Casual Game
Mud Crabs21v42Those Guys
Good Sesh21v19Those Guys
Crazy Panthers25v28Those Guys
Set Us Up20v36Good Sesh
Funky Bunch30v19Casual Game
Notorious DIG25v22Set Us Up
Notorious DIG26v29Funky Bunch
Crazy Panthers18v34Early Birds
Bro Town23v15Early Birds
Casual Game30v30Crazy Panthers
Mud Crabs11v41Bro Town
Sets Of Anarchy58v16Mud Crabs
Sets Of Anarchy25v17Funky Bunch
Bro Town40v20Funky Bunch
Early Birds12v30Sets Of Anarchy
Good Sesh23v33Bro Town
Good Sesh21v25Early Birds
Those Guys38v24Mud Crabs
Casual Game38v20Mud Crabs
Set Us Up24v28Those Guys
Notorious DIG23v36Casual Game
Tune Squad23v30Set Us Up
Crazy Panthers16v34Notorious DIG
Crazy Panthers27v29Tune Squad

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