Thursday B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1De Lujo21180362233628672
2Good Seah18141350636713958
3Crazy Beaches2013164724195354
4Notorious Dig1913064813879452
5Set Us Up2012174843899550
6DNA Steelers1812064493905948
7How I Set Your Mother2010195014871442
9Tune Squad169163963514538
10Those Guys209110450450038
11Mike's Team209011421452-3136
134 Musketeers 207112451463-1230
15Worlds Greatest Dig203215383546-16316
16Yirara 203116359676-31714
17Mission Beach6303144148-412
18Marcus's Team181017369572-2034
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Panthers20v26Those Guys
DNA Steelers20v29How I Set Your Mother
Marcus's Team18v30How I Set Your Mother
Set Us Up19v21DNA Steelers
De Lujo45v9Marcus's Team
Tune Squad20v14Set Us Up
Worlds Greatest Dig11v45De Lujo
Yirara 33v24Tune Squad
Yirara 22v22Worlds Greatest Dig
4 Musketeers 21v27PB&J
Good Seah37v15PB&J
Notorious Dig27v244 Musketeers
Crazy Beaches15v34Good Seah
TBA11v32Notorious Dig
Those Guys18v26Crazy Beaches
Mike's Team31v12TBA
Mike's Team31v19Panthers
Set Us Up28v24Worlds Greatest Dig
De Lujo28v24Worlds Greatest Dig
Set Us Up28v24Marcus's Team
Tune Squad28v24Notorious Dig
Tune Squad28v24Marcus's Team
Good Seah28v24Panthers
Good Seah28v24TBA
De Lujo28v244 Musketeers
4 Musketeers 28v24How I Set Your Mother
De Lujo28v24Mike's Team
How I Set Your Mother28v24Those Guys
Those Guys21v24Mike's Team
Yirara 15v14Crazy Beaches
Yirara 15v37Crazy Beaches
Set Us Up20v21DNA Steelers
Tune Squad25v20DNA Steelers
De Lujo21v16How I Set Your Mother
How I Set Your Mother21v164 Musketeers
De Lujo21v16Mike's Team
Good Seah21v164 Musketeers
Crazy Beaches21v16Mike's Team
Worlds Greatest Dig21v16Good Seah
Crazy Beaches21v16Yirara
Worlds Greatest Dig21v16Yirara
Set Us Up21v16TBA
Tune Squad21v16Notorious Dig
TBA21v16Notorious Dig
PB&J21v16Marcus's Team
Panthers21v16Those Guys
Panthers21v16Marcus's Team
Those Guys21v16PB&J
Notorious Dig21v16Mission Beach
PB&J21v16Mission Beach
Notorious Dig21v16How I Set Your Mother
Set Us Up21v16PB&J
De Lujo21v16How I Set Your Mother
Set Us Up21v16Those Guys
Mike's Team21v16Yirara
Those Guys21v16Yirara
4 Musketeers 21v16TBA
TBA21v16Worlds Greatest Dig
DNA Steelers21v164 Musketeers
Mike's Team21v16Worlds Greatest Dig
Crazy Beaches21v16DNA Steelers
Good Seah21v16De Lujo
Good Seah21v16Crazy Beaches
Mike's Team17v34Those Guys
4 Musketeers 20v34Those Guys
How I Set Your Mother18v34Mike's Team
PB&J25v134 Musketeers
PB&J23v31How I Set Your Mother
Marcus's Team35v37TBA
Good Seah35v19Panthers
Good Seah35v19Marcus's Team
Crazy Beaches14v36De Lujo
DNA Steelers14v36De Lujo
Set Us Up18v18Crazy Beaches
Notorious Dig18v36DNA Steelers
Mission Beach18v36Set Us Up
Worlds Greatest Dig17v32Notorious Dig
Yirara 20v34Mission Beach
Yirara 34v16Worlds Greatest Dig
Good Seah23v23Tune Squad
De Lujo29v13Tune Squad
How I Set Your Mother19v35Good Seah
Those Guys14v29De Lujo
Crazy Beaches24v36How I Set Your Mother
PB&J19v25Those Guys
Yirara 13v414 Musketeers
DNA Steelers20v16PB&J
Yirara 26v36Crazy Beaches
Set Us Up29v21Worlds Greatest Dig
Mission Beach29v21Worlds Greatest Dig
Notorious Dig29v21Set Us Up
Marcus's Team29v31Mission Beach
Marcus's Team22v29Notorious Dig
DNA Steelers22v19Mike's Team
4 Musketeers 22v24Mike's Team
Set Us Up22v24Crazy Beaches
TBA24v25Mike's Team
4 Musketeers 30v16Mike's Team
DNA Steelers23v19Crazy Beaches
De Lujo26v194 Musketeers
Panthers18v39DNA Steelers
PB&J9v29De Lujo
Yirara 31v45Panthers
Yirara 14v50PB&J
Notorious Dig18v26Set Us Up
Tune Squad36v19TBA
Marcus's Team16v24Notorious Dig
How I Set Your Mother16v24Tune Squad
Worlds Greatest Dig27v22Marcus's Team
Those Guys27v22How I Set Your Mother
Those Guys27v27Worlds Greatest Dig
4 Musketeers 15v19PB&J
Mike's Team21v19PB&J
Notorious Dig21v194 Musketeers
Crazy Beaches21v19Mike's Team
TBA21v34Notorious Dig
Those Guys16v23Crazy Beaches
Good Seah33v23TBA
Good Seah33v23Those Guys
DNA Steelers29v32How I Set Your Mother
Worlds Greatest Dig23v32How I Set Your Mother
Set Us Up18v20DNA Steelers
De Lujo17v13Worlds Greatest Dig
Tune Squad19v21Set Us Up
Marcus's Team8v41De Lujo
Yirara 8v41Tune Squad
Yirara 10v41Marcus's Team
PB&J26v274 Musketeers
TBA23v30DNA Steelers
Tune Squad23v30DNA Steelers
Those Guys34v20TBA
Mike's Team20v34Tune Squad
Notorious Dig24v9Those Guys
Set Us Up22v13Mike's Team
Yirara 13v55Notorious Dig
Yirara 13v55Set Us Up
Panthers40v13Marcus's Team
How I Set Your Mother38v23Marcus's Team
De Lujo20v21Panthers
Crazy Beaches30v21How I Set Your Mother
Crazy Beaches30v21De Lujo
Good Seah30v314 Musketeers
Worlds Greatest Dig15v31PB&J
Worlds Greatest Dig15v31Good Seah
Worlds Greatest Dig15v31Crazy Beaches
Tune Squad15v31Crazy Beaches
Panthers34v18Worlds Greatest Dig
Notorious Dig23v22Tune Squad
Notorious Dig17v28Panthers
PB&J39v16Marcus's Team
DNA Steelers19v20Those Guys
PB&J25v24Those Guys
Set Us Up22v23Good Seah
4 Musketeers 26v22Good Seah
Mike's Team15v22Set Us Up
How I Set Your Mother22v224 Musketeers
De Lujo30v14Mike's Team
TBA24v34How I Set Your Mother
Yirara 6v55De Lujo
Yirara 22v26TBA
DNA Steelers48v18Marcus's Team

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