Thurs B Summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Set Us Up20200050426324180
2Shake & Bake20151445032412662
3Crazy Beaches20132548937611356
4CU in the NT2013074423598352
5Not So Fit201028386387-144
6Ta Poiz209011384417-3336
9Ballsy Kents206014371448-7724
12Womb Combo620480100-208

Viewed 84 times

Ta Poiz22v26Crazy Beaches
Fairies20v36Crazy Beaches
Yirara11v29Ta Poiz
Not So Fit26v17Fairies
Not So Fit20v25TBA
Ballsy Kents16v41CU in the NT
Shake & Bake28v19CU in the NT
Shake & Bake38v18Ballsy Kents
Set Us Up35v18Yirara
Set Us Up31v14RCTP
Crazy Beaches32v13Not So Fit
CU in the NT24v38Crazy Beaches
Ballsy Kents13v31TBA
Ballsy Kents13v31CU in the NT
Fairies23v29Not So Fit
Ta Poiz38v12RCTP
Set Us Up34v18Fairies
Shake & Bake24v15Ta Poiz
Yirara7v36Set Us Up
Yirara21v25Shake & Bake
Fairies20v10Crazy Beaches
RCTP20v10Shake & Bake
RCTP20v10Shake & Bake
Set Us Up20v10Shake & Bake
Set Us Up20v10Ballsy Kents
Shake & Bake20v10Womb Combo
Ballsy Kents20v10Womb Combo
CU in the NT20v10TBA
Ta Poiz20v10TBA
Crazy Beaches20v10CU in the NT
Not So Fit20v10Ta Poiz
Crazy Beaches20v10Yirara
Not So Fit20v10Yirara
Shake & Bake28v28Crazy Beaches
Ta Poiz20v28Crazy Beaches
Shake & Bake20v10TBA
Set Us Up20v10Ta Poiz
Set Us Up20v10Yirara
Womb Combo20v10Not So Fit
Womb Combo20v10CU in the NT
Not So Fit20v10Ballsy Kents
CU in the NT20v10RCTP
Fairies20v10Ballsy Kents
Ta Poiz20v10CU in the NT
CU in the NT20v10Womb Combo
TBA20v10Ta Poiz
Crazy Beaches20v10Womb Combo
Shake & Bake20v10TBA
Shake & Bake20v10Crazy Beaches
Set Us Up20v10Fairies
Set Us Up20v10Not So Fit
Fairies20v10Ballsy Kents
Not So Fit20v10RCTP
Ballsy Kents20v10Yirara
Not So Fit30v20RCTP
Ballsy Kents30v20RCTP
Fairies20v20Not So Fit
Fairies20v15Ballsy Kents
Ta Poiz20v15TBA
Set Us Up20v15TBA
CU in the NT20v15Ta Poiz
Set Us Up20v15Crazy Beaches
CU in the NT20v15Yirara
Crazy Beaches20v15Yirara
Set Us Up20v15Crazy Beaches
RCTP10v15CU in the NT
TBA10v15Set Us Up
Not So Fit10v15CU in the NT
TBA10v15Not So Fit
Fairies10v15Shake & Bake
Ballsy Kents10v15Shake & Bake
Fairies10v15Ta Poiz
Ballsy Kents10v15Yirara
Yirara10v15Ta Poiz
Fairies17v39Ballsy Kents
RCTP15v38Ballsy Kents
CU in the NT35v14Fairies
Yirara18v33CU in the NT
TBA36v19Not So Fit
Set Us Up30v17Not So Fit
Ta Poiz21v36TBA
Shake & Bake15v19Set Us Up
Crazy Beaches42v20Ta Poiz
Crazy Beaches19v37Shake & Bake
CU in the NT28v21TBA
Ta Poiz24v22TBA
Set Us Up31v19CU in the NT
Shake & Bake32v14Ta Poiz
Ballsy Kents10v33Set Us Up
Ballsy Kents16v28Shake & Bake
Crazy Beaches31v11Fairies
Not So Fit25v25Crazy Beaches
Yirara21v23Not So Fit
Ta Poiz21v30Shake & Bake
Crazy Beaches34v14TBA
Not So Fit19v25Ta Poiz
Yirara17v20Crazy Beaches
Yirara8v20Not So Fit
TBA14v25Shake & Bake
CU in the NT15v25Set Us Up
Ballsy Kents15v35Set Us Up
Fairies15v37CU in the NT
RCTP9v48Ballsy Kents

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