Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Colorado Avalanche16141176274929
2Detroit Red Wings16122274294526
3Pittsburgh Penguins16103351292223
4St. Louis Blues16102467234422
5Boston Bruins1665545341117
6Los Angeles Kings166374334915
7Vancouver Canucks160412060-604
8Chicago Blackhawks160412060-604
9New Jersey Devils160412060-604

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Vancouver Canucks0v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v0Vancouver Canucks
New Jersey Devils0v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v0New Jersey Devils
Vancouver Canucks0v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v0Vancouver Canucks
Boston Bruins0v0Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings0v0Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins0v0Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins0v0Boston Bruins
St. Louis Blues0v0Pittsburgh Penguins
St. Louis Blues0v0Boston Bruins
St. Louis Blues5v0Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings2v5St. Louis Blues
Pittsburgh Penguins0v8St. Louis Blues
Boston Bruins5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5Boston Bruins
Los Angeles Kings5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5Los Angeles Kings
St. Louis Blues5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5St. Louis Blues
Pittsburgh Penguins5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche5v0Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks0v5Colorado Avalanche
St. Louis Blues5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5St. Louis Blues
Pittsburgh Penguins5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5Pittsburgh Penguins
Los Angeles Kings5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5Los Angeles Kings
Detroit Red Wings5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5Colorado Avalanche
Boston Bruins5v0New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Devils0v5Boston Bruins
St. Louis Blues5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5St. Louis Blues
Pittsburgh Penguins5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5Pittsburgh Penguins
Los Angeles Kings5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5Los Angeles Kings
Detroit Red Wings5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5Colorado Avalanche
Boston Bruins5v0Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks0v5Boston Bruins
Colorado Avalanche4v2Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins6v4Colorado Avalanche
Los Angeles Kings2v2Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings5v1Los Angeles Kings
Pittsburgh Penguins2v5Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings4v5Pittsburgh Penguins
Boston Bruins2v12St. Louis Blues
Detroit Red Wings7v5Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins1v4Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche6v4Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins3v5Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche3v1St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues1v5Colorado Avalanche
Los Angeles Kings2v3Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins3v2Los Angeles Kings
St. Louis Blues1v4Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings7v4St. Louis Blues
Colorado Avalanche3v3Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings3v5Colorado Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche5v3Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings1v6Colorado Avalanche

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