This Is Real

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Celtic FC7610153814519
2Manchester Utd751131810920916
3Hogwarts 641150630620013
4Fc Barcelona832360844416411
5Real Madrid8224312906-5948
6Liverpool Fc321012667
8Newcastle Fc11003033
10Inter Milan51041122-113
11Ac Milan4103208304-963
13Juventus Fc40042108-1060
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Arsenal1v4Liverpool Fc
Manchester Utd299v100Hogwarts
Fc Barcelona3v100Hogwarts
Celtic FC3v0Juventus Fc
Hogwarts 299v0Real Madrid
Ac Milan202v297Arsenal
Hogwarts 2v0Bologna
Inter Milan1v3Ac Milan
Manchester Utd3v2Real Madrid
Celtic FC2v0Bologna
Manchester Utd2v0Fc Barcelona
Hogwarts 5v4PSG
Hogwarts 0v0PSG
Manchester Utd1v1Liverpool Fc
Ac Milan2v3Inter Milan
PSG0v3Newcastle Fc
Inter Milan3v8Manchester Utd
Fc Barcelona0v39Celtic FC
Fc Barcelona2v0Juventus Fc
Fc Barcelona299v0Real Madrid
Fc Barcelona299v299Real Madrid
Juventus Fc2v100Celtic FC
Real Madrid3v4Celtic FC
Real Madrid3v0Bologna
Real Madrid3v0Bologna
Manchester Utd2v3Fc Barcelona
Celtic FC2v0Inter Milan
Bologna3v1Ac Milan
Juventus Fc0v3Manchester Utd
Real Madrid2v2Fc Barcelona
Inter Milan4v7Liverpool Fc
Celtic FC3v3PSG

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