Theta Chi Fifa 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Benjamin Cion23190461233857
3Jared Tolley6402139412
4Andres Aviles630310649
5Ethan Zanelli530211839
6Pat Mckenna63031011-19
7Carlos Pereira1330101233-219
8Tyler Hedge1220101231-196
9Teddy Schaefer210123-13
10Zaki Abdelrahman310215-43
11Jesus villena410328-63
12Daniel Schifrin5104614-83
13will smart00000000
14Luke Frering00000000
15Evan Taub00000000
16James Shin00000000
17Armando Perez300316-50

Viewed 444 times

Benjamin Cion4v0Zaki Abdelrahman
Benjamin Cion4v1Pat Mckenna
Benjamin Cion3v1Tyler Hedge
Benjamin Cion8v1Carlos Pereira
Benjamin Cion1v0Carlos Pereira
Teddy Schaefer0v2Pat Mckenna
Teddy Schaefer2v1Tyler Hedge
Benjamin Cion2v1Daniel Schifrin
Benjamin Cion4v0Daniel Schifrin
Andres Aviles3v0Jared Tolley
Tyler Hedge4v0Carlos Pereira
Tyler Hedge2v5Hesh
Carlos Pereira0v4Hesh
Carlos Pereira1v4Hesh
Tyler Hedge1v2Hesh
Carlos Pereira0v2Hesh
Jesus villena1v0Hesh
Jesus villena1v2Hesh
Jared Tolley1v3Benjamin Cion
Jesus villena0v3Hesh
Zaki Abdelrahman1v0Tyler Hedge
Ethan Zanelli3v4Jared Tolley
Jared Tolley3v0Jesus villena
Jared Tolley4v0Daniel Schifrin
Jared Tolley1v0Carlos Pereira
Andres Aviles0v1Benjamin Cion
Andres Aviles1v0Armando Perez
Andres Aviles4v0Tyler Hedge
Armando Perez1v4Daniel Schifrin
Armando Perez0v1Benjamin Cion
Andres Aviles2v3Benjamin Cion
Andres Aviles0v2Benjamin Cion
Tyler Hedge0v2Benjamin Cion
Pat Mckenna2v3Benjamin Cion
Tyler Hedge0v3Carlos Pereira
Tyler Hedge2v1Pat Mckenna
Benjamin Cion1v2Pat Mckenna
Carlos Pereira1v2Pat Mckenna
Carlos Pereira2v1Tyler Hedge
Carlos Pereira4v0Benjamin Cion
Carlos Pereira0v3Benjamin Cion
Daniel Schifrin1v3Benjamin Cion
Tyler Hedge0v6Benjamin Cion
Zaki Abdelrahman0v1Ethan Zanelli
Ethan Zanelli2v0Benjamin Cion
Ethan Zanelli3v1Benjamin Cion
Ethan Zanelli2v3Benjamin Cion
Carlos Pereira0v3Benjamin Cion

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