The Woodside 5 league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1La la Lisa 77002181321
2Moody Alison74032317612
3The Vikings 74034442212
4The warriors south73133332110
7The funky monks7223303008
8The warriors north 70071329-160

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A.Bigwood2v0The warriors north
Moody Alison2v1A.Littlewood
The funky monks8v2The Vikings
La la Lisa 4v1The warriors south
La la Lisa 1v0The warriors north
A.Bigwood3v3The funky monks
The Vikings 8v3A.Littlewood
The warriors south1v1The funky monks
Moody Alison0v1The Vikings
A.Bigwood0v1La la Lisa
A.Littlewood6v3The warriors north
The warriors south3v5Moody Alison
The funky monks1v5Moody Alison
A.Bigwood3v1The Vikings
La la Lisa 1v0The warriors north
The warriors south6v3A.Littlewood
A.Littlewood1v0The funky monks
Moody Alison4v0The warriors north
A.Bigwood0v6The warriors south
A.Bigwood8v5The warriors north
Moody Alison2v5The funky monks
La la Lisa 7v2The Vikings
The warriors south9v14The Vikings
La la Lisa 1v0A.Littlewood
The Vikings 16v12The funky monks
The warriors north 5v7The warriors south
Moody Alison5v6La la Lisa

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