The Will Myers Football Education Programme - Yellow

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2The Herdsmen36231121873145042370
3Rider's Rivers36221131759150525467
4Saville's Under 11s36212131642132831465
7Multiple Scorgasms361701913931441-4851
8Fatal Banking FC36150219671342-37545
9Shingy Flyers3690277331509-77627
10Ruspin Ruxin3660308801456-57618

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The Herdsmen64v6Shingy Flyers
Saville's Under 11s22v45BCFCFBSC
Rider's Rivers75v72Gary
Multiple Scorgasms51v63Bants
Fatal Banking FC29v13Ruspin Ruxin
Shingy Flyers22v47Saville's Under 11s
The Herdsmen49v65Rider's Rivers
BCFCFBSC65v34Multiple Scorgasms
Gary37v21Fatal Banking FC
Ruspin Ruxin12v29Bants
Rider's Rivers59v35Saville's Under 11s
Multiple Scorgasms27v26Shingy Flyers
Fatal Banking FC22v56The Herdsmen
Gary35v26Ruspin Ruxin
Rider's Rivers55v21Multiple Scorgasms
Saville's Under 11s51v27Fatal Banking FC
Shingy Flyers25v33Bants
The Herdsmen64v50Gary
Ruspin Ruxin18v57BCFCFBSC
Fatal Banking FC27v33Multiple Scorgasms
Bants55v55Rider's Rivers
Gary54v34Saville's Under 11s
BCFCFBSC53v23Shingy Flyers
The Herdsmen50v14Ruspin Ruxin
Fatal Banking FC22v34Bants
Multiple Scorgasms42v41Gary
Rider's Rivers31v64BCFCFBSC
Saville's Under 11s75v61The Herdsmen
Ruspin Ruxin35v37Shingy Flyers
BCFCFBSC90v18Fatal Banking FC
The Herdsmen87v50Multiple Scorgasms
Shingy Flyers8v95Rider's Rivers
Saville's Under 11s63v18Ruspin Ruxin
Bants25v25The Herdsmen
Fatal Banking FC6v38Shingy Flyers
Multiple Scorgasms34v21Saville's Under 11s
Ruspin Ruxin19v35Rider's Rivers
Rider's Rivers33v49Gary
The Herdsmen78v19Shingy Flyers
Saville's Under 11s73v73BCFCFBSC
Bants49v40Multiple Scorgasms
Ruspin Ruxin11v12Fatal Banking FC
BCFCFBSC36v45The Herdsmen
Gary42v11Shingy Flyers
Saville's Under 11s57v17Bants
Rider's Rivers40v23Fatal Banking FC
Multiple Scorgasms36v39Ruspin Ruxin
Saville's Under 11s42v19Shingy Flyers
Rider's Rivers41v59The Herdsmen
Multiple Scorgasms38v39BCFCFBSC
Fatal Banking FC48v42Gary
Bants39v14Ruspin Ruxin
Saville's Under 11s39v49Rider's Rivers
Shingy Flyers22v29Multiple Scorgasms
The Herdsmen39v42Fatal Banking FC
Ruspin Ruxin43v69Gary
Multiple Scorgasms18v40Rider's Rivers
Fatal Banking FC16v56Saville's Under 11s
Bants7v15Shingy Flyers
Gary42v17The Herdsmen
BCFCFBSC43v8Ruspin Ruxin
Multiple Scorgasms22v16Fatal Banking FC
Rider's Rivers41v32Bants
Saville's Under 11s53v47Gary
Shingy Flyers19v66BCFCFBSC
Ruspin Ruxin20v25The Herdsmen
Bants32v8Fatal Banking FC
Gary31v57Multiple Scorgasms
BCFCFBSC39v92Rider's Rivers
The Herdsmen50v57Saville's Under 11s
Ruspin Ruxin25v18Shingy Flyers
Bants59v46The Herdsmen
Fatal Banking FC12v70BCFCFBSC
Multiple Scorgasms38v71The Herdsmen
Shingy Flyers0v77Rider's Rivers
Ruspin Ruxin14v73Saville's Under 11s
Shingy Flyers0v26Fatal Banking FC
Saville's Under 11s42v33Multiple Scorgasms
Rider's Rivers46v28Ruspin Ruxin
BCFCFBSC21v47The Herdsmen
Gary13v3Shingy Flyers
Bants23v27Saville's Under 11s
Fatal Banking FC48v20Rider's Rivers
Ruspin Ruxin7v26Multiple Scorgasms
Bants66v82The Herdsmen
Saville's Under 11s59v61Rider's Rivers
Multiple Scorgasms36v28Gary
Ruspin Ruxin35v24Fatal Banking FC
BCFCFBSC82v10Shingy Flyers
Bants35v33Saville's Under 11s
The Herdsmen53v36Multiple Scorgasms
Rider's Rivers54v48Ruspin Ruxin
Shingy Flyers7v20Fatal Banking FC
Multiple Scorgasms17v51Saville's Under 11s
Ruspin Ruxin14v17Bants
Fatal Banking FC38v23Rider's Rivers
BCFCFBSC58v29The Herdsmen
Gary14v8Shingy Flyers
Fatal Banking FC49v59Multiple Scorgasms
Multiple Scorgasms29v31Ruspin Ruxin
Saville's Under 11s31v31BCFCFBSC
Bants26v30Fatal Banking FC
Shingy Flyers7v22Rider's Rivers
The Herdsmen32v21Gary
BCFCFBSC84v29Ruspin Ruxin
Gary60v38Saville's Under 11s
Rider's Rivers49v53Bants
The Herdsmen65v20Shingy Flyers
BCFCFBSC50v23Fatal Banking FC
Ruspin Ruxin29v37Gary
Rider's Rivers37v33Multiple Scorgasms
Saville's Under 11s20v32The Herdsmen
Bants56v20Shingy Flyers
Gary25v27Fatal Banking FC
Rider's Rivers40v41BCFCFBSC
The Herdsmen29v33Ruspin Ruxin
Bants42v33Multiple Scorgasms
Saville's Under 11s32v12Shingy Flyers
Gary70v44Rider's Rivers
Fatal Banking FC31v59The Herdsmen
Ruspin Ruxin35v53Saville's Under 11s
Shingy Flyers18v53Multiple Scorgasms
The Herdsmen42v52Rider's Rivers
Saville's Under 11s52v22Fatal Banking FC
Multiple Scorgasms46v54BCFCFBSC
Ruspin Ruxin34v40Shingy Flyers
The Herdsmen34v30Bants
Rider's Rivers56v22Saville's Under 11s
Gary25v22Multiple Scorgasms
Fatal Banking FC28v29Ruspin Ruxin
Shingy Flyers33v28BCFCFBSC
The Herdsmen74v53Multiple Scorgasms
Saville's Under 11s34v51Bants
Ruspin Ruxin25v33Rider's Rivers
Fatal Banking FC34v28Shingy Flyers
Multiple Scorgasms24v12Fatal Banking FC
Saville's Under 11s36v71Multiple Scorgasms
Bants42v23Ruspin Ruxin
The Herdsmen39v73BCFCFBSC
Rider's Rivers35v39Fatal Banking FC
Shingy Flyers13v48Gary
Ruspin Ruxin29v39Multiple Scorgasms
BCFCFBSC45v41Saville's Under 11s
Fatal Banking FC14v45Bants
Gary36v74The Herdsmen
Rider's Rivers53v56Shingy Flyers
Ruspin Ruxin8v35BCFCFBSC
Saville's Under 11s33v15Gary
Bants30v32Rider's Rivers
Shingy Flyers17v52The Herdsmen
Fatal Banking FC23v21BCFCFBSC
Gary46v28Ruspin Ruxin
Rider's Rivers56v94Multiple Scorgasms
The Herdsmen45v68Saville's Under 11s
Bants45v49Shingy Flyers
Fatal Banking FC28v17Gary
BCFCFBSC52v54Rider's Rivers
Ruspin Ruxin26v56The Herdsmen
Multiple Scorgasms57v33Bants
Shingy Flyers8v47Saville's Under 11s
Rider's Rivers37v43Gary
The Herdsmen48v56Fatal Banking FC
Saville's Under 11s50v25Ruspin Ruxin
Multiple Scorgasms24v38Shingy Flyers
Rider's Rivers72v95The Herdsmen
Fatal Banking FC46v75Saville's Under 11s
BCFCFBSC34v38Multiple Scorgasms
Shingy Flyers38v35Ruspin Ruxin

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