the PDFL season 1 (ps4)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Dewi Jones 16112350203035
2Haydn Warren 168351717027
3Endaf Williams 168262621526
4Llion Ynyr 167452922725
5Tony Jones 167273630623
6Osian Mann167273843-523
7Dewi Roberts 165472936-719
8Gwion Ynyr 165292635-917
9John Lloyd Jones 1631121744-2710
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Gwion Ynyr 3v0John Lloyd Jones
John Lloyd Jones 3v0Gwion Ynyr
Gwion Ynyr 2v4Tony Jones
Tony Jones 2v3Gwion Ynyr
Dewi Roberts 3v3Gwion Ynyr
Gwion Ynyr 4v1Dewi Roberts
Osian Mann1v5Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 4v2Osian Mann
Endaf Williams 3v2Tony Jones
Tony Jones 3v1Endaf Williams
John Lloyd Jones 0v6Tony Jones
Tony Jones 3v2John Lloyd Jones
Gwion Ynyr 2v1Llion Ynyr
Llion Ynyr 2v1Gwion Ynyr
Osian Mann0v5Tony Jones
Tony Jones 5v1Osian Mann
Tony Jones 1v0Dewi Roberts
Dewi Roberts 2v2Tony Jones
Tony Jones 0v2Llion Ynyr
Llion Ynyr 5v0Tony Jones
Haydn Warren 1v0Endaf Williams
Endaf Williams 1v1Haydn Warren
Tony Jones 0v1Haydn Warren
Haydn Warren 1v0Tony Jones
Tony Jones 3v3Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 4v0Tony Jones
John Lloyd Jones 0v3Llion Ynyr
Llion Ynyr 0v0John Lloyd Jones
Llion Ynyr 1v0Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 3v2Llion Ynyr
Endaf Williams 3v2Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 2v0Endaf Williams
John Lloyd Jones 1v4Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 2v0John Lloyd Jones
Dewi Roberts 5v3John Lloyd Jones
Dewi Roberts 4v0John Lloyd Jones
Dewi Roberts 3v2Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 8v1Dewi Roberts
Llion Ynyr 1v2Endaf Williams
Endaf Williams 0v0Llion Ynyr
Haydn Warren 2v2Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 1v0Haydn Warren
Endaf Williams 0v1Osian Mann
Osian Mann1v7Endaf Williams
Osian Mann3v3Haydn Warren
Haydn Warren 0v2Osian Mann
Haydn Warren 2v0John Lloyd Jones
John Lloyd Jones 2v0Haydn Warren
Gwion Ynyr 0v1Haydn Warren
Haydn Warren 2v1Gwion Ynyr
Osian Mann3v1John Lloyd Jones
John Lloyd Jones 2v6Osian Mann
Endaf Williams 1v0Gwion Ynyr
Gwion Ynyr 3v1Endaf Williams
John Lloyd Jones 1v2Endaf Williams
Endaf Williams 1v2John Lloyd Jones
Osian Mann3v0Gwion Ynyr
Gwion Ynyr 3v3Osian Mann
Gwion Ynyr 0v4Dewi Jones
Dewi Jones 4v1Gwion Ynyr
Llion Ynyr 2v2Dewi Roberts
Dewi Roberts 2v2Llion Ynyr
Osian Mann2v3Llion Ynyr
Llion Ynyr 2v6Osian Mann
Llion Ynyr 3v0Haydn Warren
Haydn Warren 2v0Llion Ynyr
Dewi Roberts 1v3Endaf Williams
Endaf Williams 1v0Dewi Roberts
Dewi Roberts 0v2Osian Mann
Osian Mann2v3Dewi Roberts
Haydn Warren 1v0Dewi Roberts
Dewi Roberts 2v0Haydn Warren

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