The Mini League - Season 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bumingham Shitty5302910-19
2Notts Florest622289-18
3Deeeeeerby Cunty42119367
4Bright in the Cove Albion5113610-44

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Bright in the Cove Albion4v3Bumingham Shitty
Bright in the Cove Albion2v3Notts Florest
Deeeeeerby Cunty1v2Notts Florest
Notts Florest1v3Bumingham Shitty
Bumingham Shitty0v4Deeeeeerby Cunty
Deeeeeerby Cunty3v0Bright in the Cove Albion
Bumingham Shitty2v1Notts Florest
Notts Florest0v0Bright in the Cove Albion
Notts Florest1v1Deeeeeerby Cunty
Bumingham Shitty1v0Bright in the Cove Albion

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