The League: Super Rugby Style

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Noble Steeds1411033148246768144
3The Union Mac1410042815217663940
4The Apatchies1470724842565-8128
5The Cougars14608266226253724
6Marc's Miscreants 1460826102846-23624
7Ue 14301122762921-64512
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The Cougars154v209The Union Mac
Cookie112v153Noble Steeds
The Apatchies122v170Sleazensons
Marc's Miscreants 303v180Ue
The Union Mac183v217Noble Steeds
The Cougars181v215Sleazensons
The Apatchies225v226Marc's Miscreants
The Cougars250v174The Apatchies
Noble Steeds187v242Sleazensons
The Union Mac236v60Ue
Cookie75v211Marc's Miscreants
Noble Steeds222v255The Apatchies
The Union Mac267v141Cookie
The Cougars185v170Marc's Miscreants
Ue 221v125The Apatchies
Noble Steeds235v181The Cougars
Marc's Miscreants 191v190The Union Mac
The Apatchies115v85Cookie
Ue 190v204The Cougars
Sleazensons148v161The Union Mac
Noble Steeds222v171Marc's Miscreants
The Cougars220v142Cookie
The Apatchies118v222The Union Mac
Noble Steeds270v164Ue
Marc's Miscreants 195v234Sleazensons
The Cougars137v234The Union Mac
Cookie81v274Noble Steeds
The Apatchies248v204Sleazensons
Marc's Miscreants 129v118Ue
The Union Mac172v190Noble Steeds
The Cougars162v198Sleazensons
The Apatchies263v180Marc's Miscreants
Noble Steeds166v198Sleazensons
The Union Mac228v207Ue
The Cougars182v219The Apatchies
Marc's Miscreants 110v209Cookie
Noble Steeds233v181The Apatchies
The Union Mac163v112Cookie
The Cougars189v204Marc's Miscreants
Ue 126v201The Apatchies
Noble Steeds227v123The Cougars
Marc's Miscreants 226v280The Union Mac
The Union Mac137v188Sleazensons
Marc's Miscreants 188v268Noble Steeds
Ue 131v244The Cougars
Cookie111v151The Apatchies
Marc's Miscreants 106v208Sleazensons
Ue 216v284Noble Steeds
The Apatchies87v133The Union Mac
Cookie77v250The Cougars

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