The JUMP - Trampoline Parks Divison 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Newcastle Upon-tyne Football Club3300120129
2Worcester United32108537
3Brighton Piers32017346
4FC Newport32016606
5Hereford United31204315
6Worcester Town31113304
7Guernsey Lions302136-32
8City of Salford FC301202-21
9St Johns3012112-111
10A.F.C Swansea300315-40

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Worcester Town2v3Worcester United
Guernsey Lions1v1Hereford United
Newcastle Upon-tyne Football Club6v0St Johns
FC Newport2v1A.F.C Swansea
Brighton Piers1v0City of Salford FC
Worcester United2v2Hereford United
St Johns0v5Brighton Piers
FC Newport4v1Guernsey Lions
City of Salford FC0v0Worcester Town
A.F.C Swansea0v2Newcastle Upon-tyne Football Club
Newcastle Upon-tyne Football Club4v0FC Newport
Guernsey Lions1v1St Johns
Worcester Town1v0A.F.C Swansea
Brighton Piers1v3Worcester United
Hereford United1v0City of Salford FC

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