The Hub Pool League 15/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Donald Lawrie11003123
2Thomas Love20204402
3Craig Hutchison10102201
4Gordon Law10102201
5Aidan Gallcher 00000000
6Liam Walsh 00000000
7Norman Begg00000000
8Graham Wyllie 00000000
9George Fox00000000
10Graeme Chalmers 00000000
11Callum Bunce00000000
12Eddie Cadden 00000000
13Mike Newman 00000000
14Robert Forshaw00000000
15Stuart Munkhouse 00000000
16Neil McKay 00000000
17James Wallace 00000000
18Scott Gemmell 00000000
19Steven Flanagan 00000000
20Stephen Fraser00000000
21Scott Melville 00000000
22John Baker 00000000
23David Canning 00000000
24Razvan Mocanu100104-40
25David Hopkins100104-40
26Stuart Lucas200217-60
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Thomas Love2v2Gordon Law
Thomas Love2v2Craig Hutchison
Donald Lawrie3v1James Wallace
Scott Gemmell4v0David Hopkins
Scott Melville3v1Stuart Lucas
John Baker4v0Stuart Lucas
Scott Gemmell3v1James Wallace
John Baker4v0Razvan Mocanu
Graeme Chalmers1v3Mike Newman

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