The D&G Wandsworth Schools Cricket League (Group 1)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Sacred Heart Battersea65011623137424915
3Beatrix Potter6312151814764210
4Broomwood Hall621316041505997
5Hornsby House621314501617-1677
6St Boniface611414451628-1834

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Broomwood Hall261v272Hornsby House
St Boniface217v323Beatrix Potter
Sacred Heart Battersea261v280Belleville
Hornsby House250v250St Boniface
Belleville250v250Broomwood Hall
Falconbrook250v250Beatrix Potter
Belleville278v201St Boniface
Sacred Heart Battersea289v267Broomwood Hall
Hornsby House277v263Falconbrook
Sacred Heart Battersea280v188Falconbrook
Broomwood Hall239v232St Boniface
Beatrix Potter215v253Belleville
Hornsby House200v250Sacred Heart Battersea
Beatrix Potter266v259Broomwood Hall
Falconbrook245v306St Boniface
Beatrix Potter264v247Hornsby House
Sacred Heart Battersea293v239St Boniface
Belleville329v204Hornsby House
Broomwood Hall328v196Falconbrook
Beatrix Potter200v250Sacred Heart Battersea

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