The Anchor Money League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Josh Durant1292179403929
2Shaun Gifford1291275453028
3Brett Williams1281375443125
4Andy Coles1281370502025
5James Middlemass1273280404024
6Rik Williams1264271492222
7Perry Durant1264269511822
8Reece Short123275169-1811
9Michael West123093783-469
10Darren Hopkins122285169-188
11Glenn Tolley122284674-288
12Dan Seville1220104377-346
13Liam Fry1220103288-566

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Josh Durant6v3Brett Williams
Shaun Gifford6v4James Middlemass
Michael West7v3Dan Seville
Liam Fry0v10Rik Williams
Liam Fry0v10Reece Short
Glenn Tolley2v8Rik Williams
Andy Coles2v8Perry Durant
Reece Short5v5Darren Hopkins
Andy Coles4v6Rik Williams
Andy Coles6v4Josh Durant
Liam Fry0v10Brett Williams
Josh Durant7v3James Middlemass
Shaun Gifford9v1Michael West
Glenn Tolley5v5Reece Short
Perry Durant8v2Liam Fry
Shaun Gifford7v3Darren Hopkins
Darren Hopkins7v3Dan Seville
Josh Durant7v3Michael West
Josh Durant6v4Shaun Gifford
James Middlemass7v3Brett Williams
Dan Seville7v3Glenn Tolley
Perry Durant5v5Rik Williams
Glenn Tolley3v7Shaun Gifford
Darren Hopkins4v6Josh Durant
Michael West3v7Brett Williams
Perry Durant4v6Reece Short
Darren Hopkins2v8Brett Williams
Liam Fry6v4Dan Seville
Josh Durant5v5Perry Durant
Josh Durant8v2Glenn Tolley
James Middlemass8v2Michael West
Andy Coles7v3Reece Short
Andy Coles6v4Brett Williams
Shaun Gifford6v4Liam Fry
Perry Durant6v4Dan Seville
Rik Williams6v4Reece Short
Brett Williams7v3Glenn Tolley
Shaun Gifford6v4Andy Coles
Dan Seville2v8Andy Coles
Perry Durant5v5Brett Williams
Rik Williams8v2Dan Seville
Dan Seville7v3Reece Short
James Middlemass5v5Glenn Tolley
James Middlemass8v2Darren Hopkins
Perry Durant4v6Shaun Gifford
Darren Hopkins4v6Michael West
Josh Durant8v2Liam Fry
Rik Williams5v5Shaun Gifford
Andy Coles5v5James Middlemass
Michael West6v4Glenn Tolley
Glenn Tolley6v4Darren Hopkins
Andy Coles9v1Michael West
James Middlemass10v0Liam Fry
Josh Durant5v5Rik Williams
Shaun Gifford9v1Reece Short
Josh Durant10v0Reece Short
James Middlemass5v5Perry Durant
Liam Fry7v3Michael West
Shaun Gifford7v3Dan Seville
Brett Williams7v3Rik Williams
Andy Coles6v4Darren Hopkins
Michael West3v7Perry Durant
Glenn Tolley3v7Andy Coles
Dan Seville3v7Josh Durant
Rik Williams0v10James Middlemass
Reece Short3v7Brett Williams
Dan Seville3v7Brett Williams
Rik Williams10v0Michael West
Glenn Tolley6v4Liam Fry
Perry Durant6v4Darren Hopkins
James Middlemass8v2Dan Seville
James Middlemass7v3Reece Short
Darren Hopkins7v3Liam Fry
Andy Coles6v4Liam Fry
Perry Durant6v4Glenn Tolley
Rik Williams5v5Darren Hopkins
Michael West2v8Reece Short
Brett Williams7v3Shaun Gifford

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