Th League Two

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Chesterfield 20134359342543
3Southend United 2010643729836
4Port Vale2098348361235
5Colchester United 208753731631
6Hartlepool United 20100105042830
7Bradford City 208664639730
8Luton Town 209384547-230
9York City 208573941-229
10Fleetwood Town208484841728
12Leyton Orient2075856451126
15Stevenage Borough 206682225-324
16Oxford United206593645-923
17Plymouth Argyle 2064102935-622
18Crawley Town2063113857-1921
19Northampton Town 2055103762-2520
20Bristol rovers2042142054-3414

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York City 0v4Leyton Orient
Oxford United0v1Stevenage Borough
Barnet0v0Colchester United
Plymouth Argyle 0v4Millwall
Bristol rovers0v0Walsall
Crawley Town4v5Chesterfield
Northampton Town 0v5Fleetwood Town
Hartlepool United 0v4Southend United
Portsmouth0v1Port Vale
Luton Town 2v0Bradford City
York City 5v1Luton Town
Oxford United4v1Leyton Orient
Barnet1v1Stevenage Borough
Plymouth Argyle 0v4Colchester United
Bristol rovers2v5Millwall
Crawley Town0v4Walsall
Northampton Town 5v5Chesterfield
Hartlepool United 2v0Fleetwood Town
Portsmouth2v5Southend United
Bradford City 4v4Port Vale
York City 5v1Oxford United
Leyton Orient0v0Barnet
Stevenage Borough 2v0Plymouth Argyle
Colchester United 1v5Bristol rovers
Millwall2v0Crawley Town
Walsall0v0Northampton Town
Chesterfield 1v0Hartlepool United
Fleetwood Town1v0Portsmouth
Luton Town 1v4Port Vale
Southend United 2v1Bradford City
Oxford United1v5Luton Town
Barnet4v1York City
Plymouth Argyle 2v1Leyton Orient
Bristol rovers2v1Stevenage Borough
Crawley Town1v0Colchester United
Northampton Town 2v5Millwall
Hartlepool United 2v1Walsall
Port Vale0v0Southend United
Bradford City 4v4Fleetwood Town
Oxford United4v0Barnet
York City 0v0Plymouth Argyle
Leyton Orient4v1Bristol rovers
Stevenage Borough 2v0Crawley Town
Colchester United 0v4Northampton Town
Millwall0v5Hartlepool United
Luton Town 5v1Southend United
Fleetwood Town0v5Port Vale
Chesterfield 4v4Bradford City
Barnet4v1Luton Town
Plymouth Argyle 0v0Oxford United
Bristol rovers0v1York City
Crawley Town4v4Leyton Orient
Northampton Town 4v1Stevenage Borough
Hartlepool United 0v4Colchester United
Southend United 0v4Fleetwood Town
Port Vale0v5Chesterfield
Bradford City 0v0Walsall
Barnet0v4Plymouth Argyle
Oxford United1v1Bristol rovers
York City 2v1Crawley Town
Leyton Orient5v0Northampton Town
Stevenage Borough 4v1Hartlepool United
Colchester United 4v1Portsmouth
Luton Town 1v0Fleetwood Town
Chesterfield 2v1Southend United
Walsall1v5Port Vale
Millwall0v1Bradford City
Plymouth Argyle 5v5Luton Town
Bristol rovers0v4Barnet
Crawley Town4v4Oxford United
Northampton Town 0v5York City
Hartlepool United 5v3Leyton Orient
Portsmouth1v0Stevenage Borough
Fleetwood Town2v5Chesterfield
Southend United 0v0Walsall
Port Vale2v1Millwall
Bradford City 5v4Colchester United
Plymouth Argyle 5v0Bristol rovers
Barnet4v0Crawley Town
Oxford United2v4Northampton Town
York City 0v5Hartlepool United
Leyton Orient5v4Portsmouth
Luton Town 0v0Chesterfield
Walsall4v0Fleetwood Town
Millwall1v1Southend United
Colchester United 0v0Port Vale
Stevenage Borough 0v1Bradford City
Bristol rovers0v4Luton Town
Crawley Town5v1Plymouth Argyle
Northampton Town 4v5Barnet
Hartlepool United 5v0Oxford United
Portsmouth0v0York City
Chesterfield 5v0Walsall
Fleetwood Town5v0Millwall
Southend United 1v1Colchester United
Port Vale0v0Stevenage Borough
Bradford City 1v0Leyton Orient
Bristol rovers4v0Crawley Town
Plymouth Argyle 0v1Northampton Town
Barnet4v1Hartlepool United
Oxford United0v1Portsmouth
Luton Town 1v0Walsall
Colchester United 0v0Fleetwood Town
Stevenage Borough 0v0Southend United
Leyton Orient5v0Port Vale
York City 2v1Bradford City
Crawley Town2v1Luton Town
Northampton Town 2v0Bristol rovers
Hartlepool United 0v1Plymouth Argyle
Chesterfield 5v5Colchester United
Fleetwood Town0v0Stevenage Borough
Southend United 0v0Leyton Orient
Port Vale5v4York City
Bradford City 4v0Oxford United
Crawley Town4v2Northampton Town
Plymouth Argyle 1v4Portsmouth
Bristol rovers0v5Hartlepool United
Luton Town 0v5Millwall
Colchester United 2v0Walsall
Stevenage Borough 0v1Chesterfield
Leyton Orient2v4Fleetwood Town
York City 1v4Southend United
Oxford United5v4Port Vale
Barnet1v4Bradford City
Northampton Town 0v5Luton Town
Hartlepool United 5v1Crawley Town
Portsmouth4v1Bristol rovers
Millwall0v1Colchester United
Walsall4v5Stevenage Borough
Chesterfield 0v5Leyton Orient
Fleetwood Town5v0York City
Southend United 1v0Oxford United
Port Vale4v1Barnet
Bradford City 2v5Plymouth Argyle
Northampton Town 0v5Hartlepool United
Crawley Town0v1Portsmouth
Luton Town 2v5Colchester United
Stevenage Borough 0v1Millwall
Leyton Orient5v5Walsall
York City 0v4Chesterfield
Oxford United5v4Fleetwood Town
Barnet5v0Southend United
Plymouth Argyle 0v0Port Vale
Bristol rovers1v0Bradford City
Hartlepool United 2v5Luton Town
Portsmouth5v0Northampton Town
Colchester United 0v0Stevenage Borough
Millwall4v0Leyton Orient
Walsall4v4York City
Chesterfield 0v4Oxford United
Fleetwood Town1v4Barnet
Southend United 1v0Plymouth Argyle
Port Vale4v1Bristol rovers
Bradford City 4v5Crawley Town
Hartlepool United 4v1Portsmouth
Luton Town 0v4Stevenage Borough
Leyton Orient2v4Colchester United
York City 4v1Millwall
Oxford United0v0Walsall
Plymouth Argyle 4v0Fleetwood Town
Bristol rovers1v4Southend United
Crawley Town5v5Port Vale
Northampton Town 1v1Bradford City
Portsmouth5v1Luton Town
Stevenage Borough 1v5Leyton Orient
Colchester United 0v0York City
Millwall5v1Oxford United
Chesterfield 4v1Plymouth Argyle
Fleetwood Town4v1Bristol rovers
Southend United 2v1Crawley Town
Port Vale0v0Northampton Town
Bradford City 4v0Hartlepool United
Northampton Town 4v5Southend United
Luton Town 5v4Leyton Orient
York City 4v0Stevenage Borough
Oxford United4v0Colchester United
Plymouth Argyle 0v1Walsall
Bristol rovers0v1Chesterfield
Crawley Town0v5Fleetwood Town
Hartlepool United 2v4Port Vale
Portsmouth4v5Bradford City
Leyton Orient1v1York City
Stevenage Borough 0v0Oxford United
Colchester United 2v1Barnet
Millwall1v0Plymouth Argyle
Walsall4v0Bristol rovers
Chesterfield 0v1Crawley Town
Fleetwood Town4v4Northampton Town
Southend United 5v1Hartlepool United
Port Vale1v1Portsmouth
Bradford City 0v0Luton Town

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