TG Sports 7aside - St George's

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1All Blacks1181265214425
2Mean Machine1163246281821
3Fitness First861141182319
5Three Lions105233427717
6Crabbies Patties72232128-78
7The Expendables92162434-107
8FC Copenbadly102171737-207
9New Villians110110980-711

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FC Copenbadly2v1Mean Machine
PSV4v4Three Lions
The Expendables6v2New Villians
All Blacks2v4PSV
All Blacks0v1Three Lions
Crabbies Patties4v3The Expendables
PSV4v3FC Copenbadly
New Villians2v6Mean Machine
PSV8v0The Expendables
Crabbies Patties2v2FC Copenbadly
New Villians0v4PSV
Fitness First6v2Three Lions
Mean Machine3v8All Blacks
Fitness First3v1FC Copenbadly
All Blacks20v0New Villians
PSV2v3Mean Machine
Three Lions4v2The Expendables
Mean Machine9v3Crabbies Patties
New Villians0v14Fitness First
FC Copenbadly1v6All Blacks
All Blacks5v4Three Lions
Crabbies Patties4v2New Villians
Mean Machine5v1FC Copenbadly
The Expendables2v4Fitness First
Fitness First3v3Mean Machine
New Villians0v8All Blacks
Fitness First5v3Crabbies Patties
Fitness First2v4All Blacks
Mean Machine4v4Three Lions
The Expendables6v2FC Copenbadly
New Villians1v5Three Lions
PSV3v5All Blacks
FC Copenbadly0v4Three Lions
The Expendables2v3Mean Machine
Fitness First4v3Three Lions
All Blacks1v1Mean Machine
Crabbies Patties4v4PSV
New Villians1v1The Expendables
PSV5v1FC Copenbadly
New Villians1v4FC Copenbadly
Three Lions3v1Crabbies Patties
New Villians0v8Mean Machine
The Expendables2v6All Blacks

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