Tew Cool 4 Skool

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rack City Kings330010840689
2New Orlean Blues33007040309
3Florida Gators32016338256
4Gamevil Giants32017755226
5New York Tigers32017862166
6Arizona Firebirds3201514566
7Texas Dolphins3201767246
8San Francisco Falcons3201484806
9Cleveland Hounds32014445-16
10Cincinnati Strikers31027651253
11Oklahoma Suns31025657-13
12Rhode Island Raiders31023140-93
13Toronto Terrors31024050-103
14Beacon State Bears31025875-173
15Portland Wild31024159-183
16Wisconsin Wildcats31025877-193
17Washington Warriors31024061-213
18Los Angeles Lions31026185-243
19Carolina Mustangs31024987-383
20Idaho Greenmen30032866-380
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Cleveland Hounds20v10Washington Warriors
Cincinnati Strikers13v14San Francisco Falcons
Arizona Firebirds21v14Toronto Terrors
Oklahoma Suns21v14Portland Wild
Idaho Greenmen7v17Beacon State Bears
New Orlean Blues19v10Wisconsin Wildcats
Los Angeles Lions21v44Gamevil Giants
Texas Dolphins17v14Florida Gators
Rhode Island Raiders10v27Rack City Kings
New York Tigers23v30Carolina Mustangs
Portland Wild27v21Oklahoma Suns
Beacon State Bears20v30New Orlean Blues
Washington Warriors0v13Rhode Island Raiders
Wisconsin Wildcats3v20Gamevil Giants
Florida Gators29v15Idaho Greenmen
Arizona Firebirds14v17San Francisco Falcons
Texas Dolphins21v13Toronto Terrors
Carolina Mustangs9v43Rack City Kings
Cleveland Hounds7v35Cincinnati Strikers
Los Angeles Lions19v24New York Tigers
Washington Warriors30v28Cincinnati Strikers
New Orlean Blues21v10Carolina Mustangs
Toronto Terrors13v8Rhode Island Raiders
Wisconsin Wildcats45v38Texas Dolphins
Portland Wild0v17Cleveland Hounds
Arizona Firebirds16v14Oklahoma Suns
Idaho Greenmen6v20Florida Gators
Rack City Kings38v21Beacon State Bears
Gamevil Giants13v31New York Tigers
San Francisco Falcons17v21Los Angeles Lions

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