Teddy Town Premier league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tails KR1392229141529
2Puffle Team B1383236152127
3KG Raptors A1374226151125
4The Rock137242821723
5Puffle Team A136342623321
7Lilly Fc A134272728-114
8KG Raptors B134181524-913
9The Rub134181426-1213
10Lilly Fc B1303101141-303

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The Rock5v1The Rub
Tails KR3v1Puffle Team A
SBSF1v4Puffle Team B
Lilly Fc A1v0KG Raptors B
KG Raptors A1v0Lilly Fc B
Puffle Team A0v1KG Raptors A
Tails KR1v0The Rub
KG Raptors B1v0The Rock
SBSF1v1Lilly Fc B
Puffle Team B2v1Lilly Fc A
Puffle Team B2v4KG Raptors A
Puffle Team A0v5Tails KR
Lilly Fc B0v0The Rub
Lilly Fc A3v3The Rock
KG Raptors B4v1SBSF
KG Raptors A4v1Lilly Fc A
Lilly Fc B0v3Puffle Team A
KG Raptors B2v3The Rub
Puffle Team B2v3SBSF
Puffle Team A2v3The Rock
The Rub2v3The Rock
Lilly Fc B2v5Tails KR
Lilly Fc A3v1SBSF
KG Raptors A1v1KG Raptors B
KG Raptors A4v1Lilly Fc A
KG Raptors B0v1The Rub
Tails KR0v3Puffle Team A
Lilly Fc B0v3The Rock
Puffle Team B0v0SBSF
Puffle Team B0v0Tails KR
SBSF1v0Tails KR
Puffle Team B1v0The Rub
Puffle Team A1v0The Rock
KG Raptors A1v1Lilly Fc A
Lilly Fc B2v3KG Raptors B
Puffle Team A2v1KG Raptors B
Lilly Fc B2v2KG Raptors A
The Rub0v2Lilly Fc A
SBSF0v2Puffle Team B
The Rock1v2Tails KR
The Rub3v2SBSF
The Rock3v2Lilly Fc B
Lilly Fc A1v3Puffle Team A
KG Raptors B0v6Puffle Team B
KG Raptors A0v2Tails KR
KG Raptors A4v1The Rub
Lilly Fc B0v1KG Raptors B
Lilly Fc A1v2The Rock
Puffle Team A2v2Tails KR
Puffle Team B4v2SBSF
SBSF2v1KG Raptors B
The Rock1v1KG Raptors A
The Rub0v2Tails KR
Puffle Team A2v2Puffle Team B
Lilly Fc A7v0Lilly Fc B
Lilly Fc B1v6Puffle Team B
The Rock1v5Puffle Team B
SBSF3v3Puffle Team A
Lilly Fc A3v4Tails KR
KG Raptors B0v3The Rock
KG Raptors A1v2The Rub
Tails KR3v1The Rub
Lilly Fc B1v6SBSF
Lilly Fc A2v4Puffle Team A
KG Raptors A2v1KG Raptors B

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