Team sylvia

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lady mercy22002026
2Rising pheonix11001013
3Mizo vikings11001013
5Mizo bounty hunters11001013
7Kings junior11001013
9X men100101-10
10Kolasib legends100101-10
11Gg stoners100101-10
12Hero mizoram squad100101-10
14The phantoms 2200202-20

Viewed 56 times

The phantoms 20v1Lady mercy
Mizo vikings1v0Ruthless
Rising pheonix1v07sins
Vs21v0Hero mizoram squad
Kings junior1v0Gg stoners
Mizo bounty hunters1v0X men
Fys1v0The phantoms 2
Lady mercy1v0Kolasib legends

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