Team Selection - Avon Schools Table Tennis (Year 7 + 8)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Louis Firth110011923
2Joe Gregory1001911-21
3Newton Fernihough00000000
4Ollie Hammond00000000
5Matt Thorne00000000
6Lucas Pike00000000
7Lucas Kover-Wolf00000000
8Oscar Membury00000000
9Luther Gaines-White00000000
10Thibault Swindells00000000
11Tommy Barnett00000000
12Will Cave00000000
13Zak Sunthankar00000000
14Tom Wyeth00000000
15Tom Ovigne00000000
16Lucas Grijalva-Ditte00000000
17Tom Day00000000
18Stan Cranch00000000
19Leon Bird00000000
20Fallen Oliver00000000
21Finlay Thomas00000000
22Dimitri Lang00000000
23Charlie Bond00000000
24Alex Loretz00000000
25Benji Scott00000000
26Fraser Samuels00000000
27Gabriel Faragher00000000
28James Ibell00000000
29Joe Ovigne00000000
30James Gregory00000000
31Inigo Sweetingham00000000
32George Trotman00000000
33Harry Fairburn00000000
34Loui Wehner00000000

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Louis Firth11v9Joe Gregory

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