Taviu Premier League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lumou FC201712106307652
2Miruru FC20152375264947
3Melapi FC20124471363540
4KBOS FC20131660283240
5Taviu FT A20131655371840
6Wonod FC20112764412335
7Mile 4 FC20911065412428
8Kopuron FC2062123353-2020
9Lebay FC2031162274-5210
10Taviu FT B20121725133-1085
11Tongodon FC20111825102-774
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Miruru FC4v0Tongodon FC
KBOS FC6v3Mile 4 FC
Wonod FC6v2Lebay FC
Lumou FC6v2Lebay FC
KBOS FC4v3Wonod FC
Taviu FT A2v2Kopuron FC
Melapi FC12v0Taviu FT B
Taviu FT B2v6Taviu FT A
Mile 4 FC2v0Kopuron FC
Miruru FC4v1Kopuron FC
Melapi FC3v3Lumou FC
Mile 4 FC3v0Tongodon FC
Miruru FC7v1Taviu FT B
Lumou FC5v2Taviu FT A
Miruru FC4v2Lumou FC
Mile 4 FC11v0Taviu FT B
Mile 4 FC2v5Lumou FC
Melapi FC2v0Lebay FC
Wonod FC6v0Tongodon FC
Lebay FC2v4Taviu FT A
Mile 4 FC3v4Lebay FC
Kopuron FC5v2Tongodon FC
Melapi FC3v3Wonod FC
Miruru FC6v2Lebay FC
Taviu FT B4v3Tongodon FC
Taviu FT A2v4Melapi FC
Wonod FC6v2Kopuron FC
Tongodon FC2v12Lumou FC
Kopuron FC7v1Taviu FT B
Melapi FC4v1Miruru FC
Tongodon FC0v6KBOS FC
Taviu FT A2v1Wonod FC
Lebay FC1v2KBOS FC
Mile 4 FC2v3Melapi FC
Kopuron FC1v5KBOS FC
Kopuron FC0v5Lumou FC
Taviu FT A1v6Miruru FC
KBOS FC2v0Taviu FT B
Wonod FC9v0Taviu FT B
Tongodon FC0v2Lebay FC
KBOS FC2v3Lumou FC
Miruru FC3v1Wonod FC
Melapi FC4v2Tongodon FC
Melapi FC2v1KBOS FC
Taviu FT A1v2Mile 4 FC
Lumou FC9v1Taviu FT B
Kopuron FC3v0Lebay FC
KBOS FC4v1Taviu FT A
Mile 4 FC1v3Miruru FC
Wonod FC4v3Lumou FC
Miruru FC1v1KBOS FC
Kopuron FC2v3Melapi FC
Taviu FT A8v0Tongodon FC
Mile 4 FC0v3KBOS FC
Lebay FC3v0Taviu FT B
Mile 4 FC2v2Wonod FC
Kopuron FC0v2Taviu FT A
Melapi FC13v1Taviu FT B
Miruru FC11v1Tongodon FC
Lebay FC2v12Lumou FC
Taviu FT A4v2Taviu FT B
Kopuron FC0v3Miruru FC
Lumou FC4v0Melapi FC
Tongodon FC2v4Mile 4 FC
KBOS FC5v2Wonod FC
Miruru FC8v0Taviu FT B
Taviu FT A0v5Lumou FC
Mile 4 FC3v0Kopuron FC
KBOS FC3v1Tongodon FC
Wonod FC2v0Lebay FC
Miruru FC3v5Lumou FC
Taviu FT B2v8Mile 4 FC
Kopuron FC1v4KBOS FC
Lebay FC0v5Melapi FC
Tongodon FC1v5Wonod FC
Taviu FT A3v1Lebay FC
Lumou FC2v1Mile 4 FC
Taviu FT B3v10KBOS FC
Tongodon FC2v3Kopuron FC
Wonod FC2v1Melapi FC
Lumou FC1v0KBOS FC
Lebay FC0v2Miruru FC
Taviu FT B3v3Tongodon FC
Melapi FC0v2Taviu FT A
Kopuron FC1v4Wonod FC
Mile 4 FC11v1Lebay FC
Tongodon FC1v9Lumou FC
Miruru FC3v3Melapi FC
Kopuron FC2v0Taviu FT B
Wonod FC0v2Taviu FT A
KBOS FC1v0Lebay FC
Melapi FC1v5Mile 4 FC
Lumou FC3v0Kopuron FC
Taviu FT A2v0Miruru FC
Taviu FT B4v5Wonod FC
Lebay FC0v5Tongodon FC
KBOS FC1v3Melapi FC
Mile 4 FC1v3Taviu FT A
Taviu FT B1v11Lumou FC
Wonod FC1v4Miruru FC
Tongodon FC0v3Melapi FC
Lebay FC0v1Kopuron FC
Taviu FT A1v0KBOS FC
Miruru FC1v0Mile 4 FC
Lumou FC1v0Wonod FC
Melapi FC2v2Kopuron FC
Tongodon FC0v7Taviu FT A
Taviu FT B0v0Lebay FC
KBOS FC0v1Miruru FC
Wonod FC2v1Mile 4 FC

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