Tasmanian u/18s. 2014

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cooper Denmen430110646
2Brandon Bakes42029724
3Alexander Pace32018624
4Jacob Marshall32017524
5Brodie Stubbs00000000
6Boden Rogers00000000
7Adam Norris00000000
8Adam Youd00000000
9Jessie Bakes4004212-100
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Jacob Marshall3v1Brandon Bakes
Cooper Denmen3v0Jessie Bakes
Jacob Marshall1v3Cooper Denmen
Brandon Bakes3v1Cooper Denmen
Jessie Bakes1v3Jacob Marshall
Alexander Pace3v2Brandon Bakes
Alexander Pace3v1Jessie Bakes
Brandon Bakes3v0Jessie Bakes
Alexander Pace2v3Cooper Denmen

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