Talent Cup 10, Grupa 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Dragonul (ender84)107122151622
2ARCADA FC87011871121
3Anarhistii (theanti)85121981116
4FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)8422137614
5FC Yke (yke111)104061216-412
6FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)8026219-172
7RedDogs ABY (abyu)8008124-230

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FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)0v3Dragonul (ender84)
FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)1v1Dragonul (ender84)
ARCADA FC3v1RedDogs ABY (abyu)
ARCADA FC3v0RedDogs ABY (abyu)
FC Yke (yke111)0v3Anarhistii (theanti)
FC Yke (yke111)0v4Anarhistii (theanti)
ARCADA FC0v3FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)
RedDogs ABY (abyu)0v3Dragonul (ender84)
RedDogs ABY (abyu)0v3Dragonul (ender84)
FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)0v3FC Yke (yke111)
FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)0v3FC Yke (yke111)
ARCADA FC3v2FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)
Anarhistii (theanti)1v0Dragonul (ender84)
Anarhistii (theanti)3v2Dragonul (ender84)
FC Yke (yke111)0v4ARCADA FC
FC Yke (yke111)0v1ARCADA FC
FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)1v0FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)
FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)0v0FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)
RedDogs ABY (abyu)0v3FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)
RedDogs ABY (abyu)0v3FC Carlsberg (piti_chivu)
Dragonul (ender84)1v0FC Yke (yke111)
Dragonul (ender84)3v0FC Yke (yke111)
FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)2v2Anarhistii (theanti)
Anarhistii (theanti)5v0FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)
RedDogs ABY (abyu)0v3FC Yke (yke111)
FC Yke (yke111)3v0RedDogs ABY (abyu)
Dragonul (ender84)2v0FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)
FCM Alexandria (tdg_alexandria)0v3Dragonul (ender84)
Anarhistii (theanti)0v1ARCADA FC
ARCADA FC3v1Anarhistii (theanti)

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