Syrian League One

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gundalik United3300144109
2Jableh FC 32109367
3Al-Bab 320167-16
4New Aleppo31116514
5Aleppo FC310212573
6Jasim Town 310256-13
8Young Kurds FC 3003323-200

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New Aleppo1v1Al-Raqa
Aleppo FC0v2Jasim Town
Jableh FC 5v0Young Kurds FC
Gundalik United4v0Al-Bab
New Aleppo4v2Jasim Town
Jableh FC 2v2Al-Raqa
Young Kurds FC 3v8Gundalik United
Al-Bab 3v2Aleppo FC
Jableh FC 2v1Jasim Town
Gundalik United2v1New Aleppo
Aleppo FC10v0Young Kurds FC
Al-Bab 3v1Al-Raqa

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