Syrian League One

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Rajo FC14122061184338
2Masyaf Mountain 1491441172428
3Gundalik United147252347-2423
4New Aleppo146442117422
5Abu Dali FC145272728-117
7Jableh FC143382323012
8Jasim Town1412111231-195

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Jableh FC0v1Al-Bab
Gundalik United2v1Jasim Town
New Aleppo2v1Masyaf Mountain
Rajo FC6v2Abu Dali FC
Abu Dali FC4v2Jasim Town
Masyaf Mountain 1v2Gundalik United
New Aleppo1v2Al-Bab
Jableh FC1v3Rajo FC
Masyaf Mountain 3v1Abu Dali FC
Gundalik United2v1New Aleppo
Al-Bab1v0Jableh FC
Jasim Town0v5Rajo FC
Gundalik United4v1Jableh FC
Al-Bab2v1Abu Dali FC
Masyaf Mountain 2v1Jasim Town
New Aleppo2v2Rajo FC
Jableh FC2v2Abu Dali FC
Jasim Town0v2New Aleppo
Masyaf Mountain 6v2Al-Bab
Rajo FC4v4Gundalik United
Jasim Town0v1Al-Bab
Gundalik United0v6Jableh FC
New Aleppo3v2Abu Dali FC
Masyaf Mountain 1v2Rajo FC
New Aleppo1v0Jableh FC
Gundalik United1v0Abu Dali FC
Masyaf Mountain 4v0Jasim Town
Al-Bab0v6Rajo FC
Al-Bab0v3New Aleppo
Jasim Town1v2Gundalik United
Abu Dali FC1v2Masyaf Mountain
Rajo FC4v1Jableh FC
New Aleppo1v1Gundalik United
Masyaf Mountain 3v1Jableh FC
Al-Bab0v4Jasim Town
Abu Dali FC0v4Rajo FC
Jasim Town0v2Abu Dali FC
Jableh FC0v1New Aleppo
Gundalik United1v0Al-Bab
Rajo FC2v1Masyaf Mountain
Jableh FC8v1Gundalik United
Abu Dali FC3v1Al-Bab
Masyaf Mountain 2v2New Aleppo
Rajo FC5v2Jasim Town
Jableh FC2v1Al-Bab
Abu Dali FC6v1Gundalik United
Jasim Town1v2Masyaf Mountain
Rajo FC3v2New Aleppo
Abu Dali FC1v1Jableh FC
New Aleppo0v0Jasim Town
Gundalik United0v7Masyaf Mountain
Rajo FC5v0Al-Bab
Jableh FC0v0Jasim Town
Al-Bab0v6Masyaf Mountain
Abu Dali FC2v0New Aleppo
Gundalik United2v10Rajo FC

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