Sydenham Money League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1George Gardner2117311626210054
2Vinny Hyam211632154906451
3Paul Blackwell221444153856846
4Pete Barton191306133854839
5Scott Warren201109113991433
6Ash Hunt209110100118-1828
8Phil Bisset1854995111-1619
9Dan Stephens156187089-1919
10Paul Brown21331595149-5412
11Aaron Dyte20221678151-738
12Luke Rich17121445131-865

Viewed 1239 times

George Gardner8v3Paul Blackwell
Paul Brown4v8Pete Barton
George Gardner7v7Vinny Hyam
Paul Blackwell8v3Scott Warren
Phil Bisset7v7Paul Brown
Scott Warren5v8Vinny Hyam
Luke Rich2v8George Gardner
Chunk0v8Paul Blackwell
Ash Hunt8v0Aaron Dyte
Scott Warren8v0Luke Rich
Vinny Hyam8v3Chunk
George Gardner8v1Paul Brown
Paul Blackwell8v3Ash Hunt
Pete Barton8v1Aaron Dyte
Chunk8v1Luke Rich
Paul Brown8v0Scott Warren
Ash Hunt4v8Vinny Hyam
Phil Bisset1v8George Gardner
Aaron Dyte1v8Paul Blackwell
Chunk8v5Paul Brown
Luke Rich4v8Ash Hunt
Scott Warren2v8Phil Bisset
Vinny Hyam8v2Aaron Dyte
Pete Barton8v6Paul Blackwell
Ash Hunt8v6Paul Brown
Phil Bisset5v8Chunk
Aaron Dyte7v7Luke Rich
Paul Blackwell7v7Vinny Hyam
George Gardner8v6Pete Barton
Ash Hunt1v8Phil Bisset
Paul Brown8v4Aaron Dyte
Chunk2v8Dan Stephens
Luke Rich2v8Paul Blackwell
Scott Warren5v8George Gardner
Pete Barton8v4Vinny Hyam
Dan Stephens8v2Phil Bisset
Aaron Dyte0v8Ash Hunt
Paul Blackwell8v2Paul Brown
George Gardner8v1Chunk
Vinny Hyam8v0Luke Rich
Scott Warren8v5Pete Barton
Aaron Dyte4v8Dan Stephens
Phil Bisset2v8Paul Blackwell
Ash Hunt0v8George Gardner
Paul Brown6v8Vinny Hyam
Chunk2v8Scott Warren
Pete Barton8v0Dan Stephens
Paul Blackwell1v8Dan Stephens
George Gardner8v6Aaron Dyte
Vinny Hyam8v4Phil Bisset
Scott Warren8v4Ash Hunt
Luke Rich4v8Paul Brown
Chunk8v6Pete Barton
Paul Blackwell7v7George Gardner
Dan Stephens3v8Vinny Hyam
Aaron Dyte4v8Scott Warren
Ash Hunt8v6Chunk
Pete Barton8v1Paul Brown
Paul Brown3v8Phil Bisset
Vinny Hyam1v8George Gardner
Scott Warren8v3Paul Blackwell
Chunk8v3Aaron Dyte
Ash Hunt8v3Pete Barton
Vinny Hyam8v1Scott Warren
George Gardner8v1Luke Rich
Paul Blackwell8v1Chunk
Dan Stephens8v3Paul Brown
Aaron Dyte5v8Ash Hunt
Pete Barton8v6Phil Bisset
Luke Rich2v8Scott Warren
Chunk6v8Vinny Hyam
Paul Brown2v8George Gardner
Ash Hunt7v7Paul Blackwell
Phil Bisset7v7Dan Stephens
Aaron Dyte4v8Pete Barton
Luke Rich4v8Chunk
Scott Warren8v2Paul Brown
Vinny Hyam8v2Ash Hunt
George Gardner7v7Phil Bisset
Paul Blackwell8v1Aaron Dyte
Pete Barton8v0Dan Stephens
Paul Brown7v7Chunk
Ash Hunt8v3Luke Rich
Phil Bisset3v8Scott Warren
Aaron Dyte6v8Vinny Hyam
Dan Stephens1v8George Gardner
Paul Blackwell8v4Pete Barton
Paul Brown4v8Ash Hunt
Chunk5v8Phil Bisset
Luke Rich8v5Aaron Dyte
Scott Warren8v1Dan Stephens
Vinny Hyam7v7Paul Blackwell
Pete Barton8v5George Gardner
Phil Bisset8v0Ash Hunt
Aaron Dyte8v4Paul Brown
Dan Stephens4v8Chunk
Paul Blackwell8v0Luke Rich
George Gardner8v0Scott Warren
Vinny Hyam8v5Pete Barton
Phil Bisset7v7Aaron Dyte
Ash Hunt6v8Dan Stephens
Paul Brown3v8Paul Blackwell
Chunk1v8George Gardner
Luke Rich0v8Vinny Hyam
Pete Barton8v6Scott Warren
Dan Stephens5v8Aaron Dyte
Paul Blackwell8v2Phil Bisset
George Gardner8v0Ash Hunt
Vinny Hyam8v4Paul Brown
Scott Warren3v8Chunk
Luke Rich0v8Pete Barton
Dan Stephens1v8Paul Blackwell
Aaron Dyte2v8George Gardner
Phil Bisset2v8Vinny Hyam
Ash Hunt1v8Scott Warren
Paul Brown7v7Luke Rich
Pete Barton8v0Chunk

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