SX TR League 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Hull TRFC30241593644349373
2Huddersfield Giants30240695445350172
3Leeds Rhinos30240697247649672
4Manchester City Warriors30221786247838467
5Wigan Warriors30220891750241566
6Warrington Wolves30220877158318866
7Saint Helens302001087857330560
8Catalan Dragons301521376260315947
9Salford City Red Devils30141157116694243
10Bradford Bulls3011019528690-16233
11Castleford Tigers3010020434740-30630
12Liverpool TRFC308121362836-47425
13Leigh Centurions306123376817-44119
14London Broncos306123297848-55119
15Widnes Vikings304125383862-47913
16Wakefield Wildcats303126348918-57010

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Manchester City Warriors30v34Huddersfield Giants
Catalan Dragons12v42Warrington Wolves
Leigh Centurions16v42Hull TRFC
Castleford Tigers6v28Bradford Bulls
Saint Helens30v36London Broncos
Widnes Vikings6v34Salford City Red Devils
Wakefield Wildcats12v28Wigan Warriors
Liverpool TRFC6v56Leeds Rhinos
Liverpool TRFC1v0Wakefield Wildcats
Leeds Rhinos1v0Catalan Dragons
Manchester City Warriors1v0Wigan Warriors
Warrington Wolves1v0Leigh Centurions
Huddersfield Giants1v0Widnes Vikings
Hull TRFC1v0Saint Helens
Salford City Red Devils1v0Castleford Tigers
Bradford Bulls1v0London Broncos
Warrington Wolves36v24Leigh Centurions
Salford City Red Devils36v30Castleford Tigers
Liverpool TRFC26v20Wakefield Wildcats
Bradford Bulls40v12London Broncos
Wigan Warriors19v38Manchester City Warriors
Huddersfield Giants48v0Widnes Vikings
Hull TRFC40v6Saint Helens
Leeds Rhinos28v24Catalan Dragons
Castleford Tigers0v40Wigan Warriors
Catalan Dragons18v42Manchester City Warriors
Wakefield Wildcats20v28Leigh Centurions
Liverpool TRFC30v6Widnes Vikings
Leeds Rhinos22v24Saint Helens
Warrington Wolves12v28London Broncos
Huddersfield Giants44v36Salford City Red Devils
Bradford Bulls6v36Hull TRFC
Leigh Centurions24v30Manchester City Warriors
Widnes Vikings6v22Catalan Dragons
Saint Helens36v6Wakefield Wildcats
Castleford Tigers0v28Liverpool TRFC
London Broncos12v28Leeds Rhinos
Salford City Red Devils30v41Wigan Warriors
Hull TRFC12v18Warrington Wolves
Huddersfield Giants38v6Bradford Bulls
Leigh Centurions12v12Widnes Vikings
Manchester City Warriors24v20Saint Helens
Liverpool TRFC12v42Salford City Red Devils
Wigan Warriors6v38Huddersfield Giants
Bradford Bulls20v21Warrington Wolves
Wakefield Wildcats34v24London Broncos
Leeds Rhinos18v20Hull TRFC
Catalan Dragons29v28Castleford Tigers
Saint Helens38v6Widnes Vikings
Castleford Tigers30v12Leigh Centurions
London Broncos0v48Manchester City Warriors
Salford City Red Devils24v24Catalan Dragons
Hull TRFC22v18Wakefield Wildcats
Huddersfield Giants40v0Liverpool TRFC
Warrington Wolves38v36Leeds Rhinos
Wigan Warriors30v20Bradford Bulls
Saint Helens42v24Castleford Tigers
Widnes Vikings2v20London Broncos
Leigh Centurions30v34Salford City Red Devils
Manchester City Warriors15v15Hull TRFC
Catalan Dragons12v24Huddersfield Giants
Wakefield Wildcats18v28Warrington Wolves
Liverpool TRFC18v20Wigan Warriors
Bradford Bulls6v40Leeds Rhinos
London Broncos10v12Castleford Tigers
Salford City Red Devils28v27Saint Helens
Hull TRFC51v0Widnes Vikings
Huddersfield Giants36v30Leigh Centurions
Leeds Rhinos42v20Wakefield Wildcats
Liverpool TRFC6v22Bradford Bulls
Warrington Wolves28v30Manchester City Warriors
Wigan Warriors40v28Catalan Dragons
London Broncos11v21Salford City Red Devils
Castleford Tigers0v54Hull TRFC
Saint Helens20v40Huddersfield Giants
Widnes Vikings10v33Warrington Wolves
Leigh Centurions2v46Wigan Warriors
Manchester City Warriors30v26Leeds Rhinos
Catalan Dragons38v10Liverpool TRFC
Bradford Bulls30v26Wakefield Wildcats
Liverpool TRFC42v45Leigh Centurions
Hull TRFC42v25Salford City Red Devils
Wakefield Wildcats0v88Manchester City Warriors
Widnes Vikings41v36Leeds Rhinos
Huddersfield Giants42v0London Broncos
Warrington Wolves34v30Castleford Tigers
Wigan Warriors33v31Saint Helens
Catalan Dragons34v7Bradford Bulls
Hull TRFC36v26Huddersfield Giants
Salford City Red Devils24v28Warrington Wolves
London Broncos0v50Wigan Warriors
Castleford Tigers12v38Leeds Rhinos
Saint Helens6v26Liverpool TRFC
Widnes Vikings36v12Wakefield Wildcats
Leigh Centurions0v48Catalan Dragons
Bradford Bulls0v34Manchester City Warriors
Liverpool TRFC12v12London Broncos
Wakefield Wildcats0v30Castleford Tigers
Manchester City Warriors36v28Widnes Vikings
Leigh Centurions0v40Bradford Bulls
Wigan Warriors26v6Hull TRFC
Warrington Wolves10v36Huddersfield Giants
Leeds Rhinos36v30Salford City Red Devils
Catalan Dragons12v36Saint Helens
Manchester City Warriors30v20Salford City Red Devils
Hull TRFC46v12Catalan Dragons
Warrington Wolves24v29Wigan Warriors
Huddersfield Giants6v30Leeds Rhinos
Hull TRFC26v0Liverpool TRFC
Salford City Red Devils48v4Wakefield Wildcats
London Broncos0v34Catalan Dragons
Castleford Tigers12v42Manchester City Warriors
Saint Helens32v0Leigh Centurions
Bradford Bulls24v6Widnes Vikings
Leeds Rhinos22v25Wigan Warriors
Liverpool TRFC12v40Warrington Wolves
Wakefield Wildcats4v36Huddersfield Giants
Leigh Centurions24v6London Broncos
Widnes Vikings0v40Castleford Tigers
Saint Helens30v18Bradford Bulls
Leeds Rhinos62v6Liverpool TRFC
Wigan Warriors36v6Wakefield Wildcats
Warrington Wolves26v24Catalan Dragons
Hull TRFC30v24Leigh Centurions
Salford City Red Devils22v12Widnes Vikings
London Broncos0v54Saint Helens
Huddersfield Giants18v36Manchester City Warriors
Bradford Bulls36v12Castleford Tigers
Saint Helens37v36Hull TRFC
Wakefield Wildcats6v12Liverpool TRFC
Catalan Dragons30v42Leeds Rhinos
Manchester City Warriors16v4Wigan Warriors
Leigh Centurions6v32Warrington Wolves
Widnes Vikings12v40Huddersfield Giants
Castleford Tigers12v6Salford City Red Devils
London Broncos30v24Bradford Bulls
Wakefield Wildcats12v12Catalan Dragons
Liverpool TRFC6v34Manchester City Warriors
Leeds Rhinos24v12Leigh Centurions
Wigan Warriors64v0Widnes Vikings
Warrington Wolves27v26Saint Helens
Huddersfield Giants26v4Castleford Tigers
Hull TRFC40v0London Broncos
Bradford Bulls6v36Salford City Red Devils
Manchester City Warriors30v36Catalan Dragons
Leigh Centurions13v12Wakefield Wildcats
Widnes Vikings36v12Liverpool TRFC
Saint Helens34v42Leeds Rhinos
Castleford Tigers6v54Wigan Warriors
London Broncos0v24Warrington Wolves
Salford City Red Devils6v42Huddersfield Giants
Hull TRFC40v12Bradford Bulls
Wakefield Wildcats0v60Saint Helens
Manchester City Warriors24v0Leigh Centurions
Catalan Dragons36v12Widnes Vikings
Liverpool TRFC18v40Castleford Tigers
Leeds Rhinos48v6London Broncos
Wigan Warriors36v8Salford City Red Devils
Warrington Wolves30v36Hull TRFC
Bradford Bulls12v32Huddersfield Giants
Widnes Vikings10v36Leigh Centurions
Saint Helens24v20Manchester City Warriors
Castleford Tigers4v30Catalan Dragons
London Broncos4v22Wakefield Wildcats
Salford City Red Devils34v1Liverpool TRFC
Hull TRFC24v25Leeds Rhinos
Huddersfield Giants36v24Wigan Warriors
Warrington Wolves36v12Bradford Bulls
Castleford Tigers14v12London Broncos
Saint Helens30v14Salford City Red Devils
Widnes Vikings6v29Hull TRFC
Leigh Centurions8v48Huddersfield Giants
Manchester City Warriors20v24Warrington Wolves
Catalan Dragons22v24Wigan Warriors
Wakefield Wildcats0v50Leeds Rhinos
Bradford Bulls8v32Liverpool TRFC
Widnes Vikings22v24Saint Helens
Leigh Centurions6v12Castleford Tigers
Manchester City Warriors24v0London Broncos
Catalan Dragons28v18Salford City Red Devils
Wakefield Wildcats6v24Hull TRFC
Liverpool TRFC0v62Huddersfield Giants
Leeds Rhinos14v6Warrington Wolves
Bradford Bulls20v36Wigan Warriors
Castleford Tigers6v28Saint Helens
London Broncos36v32Widnes Vikings
Salford City Red Devils24v4Leigh Centurions
Hull TRFC14v12Manchester City Warriors
Huddersfield Giants6v22Catalan Dragons
Warrington Wolves30v24Wakefield Wildcats
Wigan Warriors34v0Liverpool TRFC
Leeds Rhinos21v6Bradford Bulls
Salford City Red Devils24v0London Broncos
Hull TRFC34v6Castleford Tigers
Huddersfield Giants22v24Saint Helens
Warrington Wolves12v6Widnes Vikings
Wigan Warriors6v0Leigh Centurions
Leeds Rhinos22v12Manchester City Warriors
Liverpool TRFC6v31Catalan Dragons
Wakefield Wildcats0v24Bradford Bulls
Salford City Red Devils18v42Hull TRFC
London Broncos0v22Huddersfield Giants
Castleford Tigers6v18Warrington Wolves
Saint Helens18v16Wigan Warriors
Widnes Vikings4v42Leeds Rhinos
Leigh Centurions10v6Liverpool TRFC
Manchester City Warriors40v12Wakefield Wildcats
Bradford Bulls6v34Catalan Dragons
Liverpool TRFC4v40Saint Helens
Huddersfield Giants25v24Hull TRFC
Warrington Wolves31v30Salford City Red Devils
Wigan Warriors68v4London Broncos
Leeds Rhinos40v2Castleford Tigers
Wakefield Wildcats30v22Widnes Vikings
Catalan Dragons34v0Leigh Centurions
Manchester City Warriors24v18Bradford Bulls
Huddersfield Giants26v24Warrington Wolves
Hull TRFC36v34Wigan Warriors
Salford City Red Devils6v30Leeds Rhinos
London Broncos4v18Liverpool TRFC
Castleford Tigers32v6Wakefield Wildcats
Saint Helens31v30Catalan Dragons
Widnes Vikings30v0Manchester City Warriors
Bradford Bulls34v0Leigh Centurions
Wigan Warriors30v28Warrington Wolves
Leeds Rhinos19v16Huddersfield Giants
Liverpool TRFC10v32Hull TRFC
Wakefield Wildcats0v12Salford City Red Devils
Catalan Dragons34v6London Broncos
Manchester City Warriors22v6Castleford Tigers
Leigh Centurions0v42Saint Helens
Widnes Vikings10v24Bradford Bulls
Wigan Warriors18v32Leeds Rhinos
Warrington Wolves30v2Liverpool TRFC
Huddersfield Giants44v18Wakefield Wildcats
Hull TRFC46v12Catalan Dragons
Salford City Red Devils20v30Manchester City Warriors
London Broncos24v10Leigh Centurions
Castleford Tigers18v10Widnes Vikings
Bradford Bulls18v28Saint Helens

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