Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1F Peach toad 770055292621
2F Daysi hammer 760140281218
3A Peach toad651040231716
4A Luigi hammer 751135241116
5F Daysi birdo 650144271715
6A Daysi birdo 750256411515
7A Daysi koopa 650135201515
8F Mario hammer 641134241013
9A Yoshi koopa 64113429513
10A Waluigi hammer 640230201012
11F Mario birdo 54013730712
12F Waluigi hammer 54013427712
13F Yoshi hammer 54013023712
14F Luigi toad84044947212
15F Dk koopa 74033135-412
16F Yoshi toad 532034241011
17F Waluigi toad 531139251410
18A Daysi toad 63124334910
19A Waluigi toad 63123124710
20F Waluigi birdo 53112419510
21F Dk toad 53113733410
22F Wario hammer 53112420410
23F Daysi koopa 63122625110
24F Yoshi birdo 73133637-110
25A Yoshi hammer 5302322669
26A Peach hammer 5302292459
27A Luigi birdo 5302363339
28A Mario hammer 63033741-49
29A Yoshi birdo 73043845-79
30F Dk hammer 63033140-99
31A Wario birdo 7223353148
32A Waluigi koopa 62223536-18
33F Peach birdo 52122021-17
34F Luigi koopa 4202252506
35F Daysi toad 42021516-16
36F Peach koopa 52033638-26
37A Luigi toad 52033133-26
38A Peach koopa 52032528-36
39A Dk birdo 52032025-56
40A Mario birdo 51313036-66
41F Waluigi koopa 62042733-66
42A Luigi koopa 52032531-66
43A Mario koopa 62043441-76
44A Wario koopa 62043038-86
45A Dk hammer 62042534-96
46F Dk birdo 62041934-156
47F Wario toad 5122191815
48A Daysi hammer 51222022-25
49A Wario toad 61232227-55
50F Wario birdo 71244250-85
51A Peach birdo 61142631-54
52F Peach hammer 51132429-54
53F Luigi hammer 61141929-104
54F Wario koopa 61143345-124
55A Dk koopa 61142236-144
56F Mario koopa 31021719-23
57A Dk toad 41032427-33
58F Yoshi koopa 41032023-33
59F Mario toad 61053439-53
60A Yoshi toad 51042433-93
61A Wario hammer 50142842-141
62F Luigi birdo 50142540-151
63A Mario toad70162441-171
64A Waluigi birdo 3003917-80
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A Mario hammer 7v4F Luigi hammer
A Yoshi birdo 5v9F Daysi hammer
A Daysi birdo 14v6F Wario koopa
A Wario birdo 8v4F Waluigi koopa
A Luigi hammer 7v6F Peach hammer
A Peach birdo 2v3F Dk koopa
A Dk koopa 3v6F Yoshi hammer
A Waluigi koopa 7v7F Mario hammer
A Mario toad3v9F Yoshi koopa
A Yoshi koopa 3v10F Luigi toad
A Daysi koopa 6v5F Mario toad
A Wario koopa 3v4F Daysi hammer
A Luigi toad 6v5F Wario birdo
A Dk hammer 5v8F Peach toad
A Waluigi hammer 9v2F Dk hammer
A Waluigi koopa 6v13F Luigi koopa
A Dk toad 5v7F Mario birdo
A Peach birdo 3v5F Daysi toad
A Luigi hammer 6v1F Wario koopa
A Daysi birdo 7v6F Waluigi toad
A Wario birdo 3v3F Peach birdo
A Yoshi birdo 7v8F Dk toad
A Mario hammer 6v9F Yoshi toad
A Dk hammer 2v6F Wario toad
A Waluigi hammer 0v3F Luigi hammer
A Peach toad5v3F Waluigi hammer
A Daysi koopa 9v5F Dk koopa
A Wario hammer 8v8F Yoshi toad
A Mario koopa 2v5F Daysi hammer
A Dk birdo 3v8F Daysi birdo
A Waluigi toad 5v1F Mario toad
A Peach koopa 5v4F Wario koopa
A Luigi hammer 7v4F Yoshi hammer
A Daysi toad 7v7F Wario birdo
A Wario birdo 5v7F Luigi toad
A Yoshi koopa 8v5F Peach koopa
A Mario hammer 7v6F Dk hammer
A Waluigi birdo 2v4F Daysi koopa
A Dk koopa 1v5F Wario hammer
A Peach hammer 4v6F Yoshi birdo
A Daysi birdo 7v2F Luigi koopa
A Wario koopa 4v5F Peach hammer
A Yoshi hammer 6v2F Dk birdo
A Mario toad5v5F Waluigi toad
A Wario toad 4v8F Daysi hammer
A Mario koopa 2v5F Yoshi toad
A Daysi toad 6v7F Waluigi koopa
A Yoshi toad 4v6F Dk birdo
A Dk toad 5v7F Peach birdo
A Waluigi hammer 8v5F Luigi birdo
A Peach toad4v4F Wario koopa
A Luigi toad 5v4F Mario toad
A Wario toad 1v3F Dk koopa
A Mario birdo 4v12F Peach toad
A Daysi koopa 5v0F Waluigi birdo
A Yoshi hammer 6v3F Luigi birdo
A Dk koopa 4v3F Yoshi koopa
A Waluigi toad 7v5F Wario birdo
A Peach hammer 6v5F Mario hammer
A Luigi birdo 4v5F Daysi toad
A Wario toad 8v8F Luigi birdo
A Mario birdo 8v8F Wario birdo
A Daysi hammer 3v5F Mario hammer
A Yoshi toad 5v9F Waluigi hammer
A Dk toad 9v5F Yoshi birdo
A Waluigi koopa 4v7F Daysi birdo
A Peach toad9v3F Dk koopa
A Luigi hammer 5v9F Peach koopa
A Wario hammer 8v11F Peach koopa
A Mario koopa 5v11F Luigi toad
A Daysi birdo 9v12F Wario birdo
A Yoshi toad 6v9F Mario koopa
A Dk hammer 3v6F Daysi hammer
A Waluigi koopa 5v1F Yoshi koopa
A Peach hammer 4v5F Waluigi hammer
A Luigi toad 5v6F Dk hammer
A Wario koopa 5v4F Peach koopa
A Mario hammer 8v6F Dk koopa
A Daysi toad 8v7F Mario koopa
A Yoshi birdo 5v14F Wario koopa
A Dk koopa 5v8F Waluigi hammer
A Waluigi hammer 2v5F Luigi koopa
A Peach toad5v3F Daysi toad
A Luigi birdo 11v7F Yoshi koopa
A Wario hammer 7v12F Mario birdo
A Mario toad3v4F Wario hammer
A Daysi birdo 1v5F Yoshi toad
A Yoshi koopa 5v2F Daysi birdo
A Dk hammer 5v3F Peach hammer
A Waluigi toad 10v5F Luigi koopa
A Peach birdo 3v5F Dk birdo
A Luigi koopa 2v7F Waluigi birdo
A Wario toad 4v2F Luigi hammer
A Mario toad0v3F Peach toad
A Daysi hammer 5v3F Waluigi koopa
A Yoshi birdo 4v5F Dk koopa
A Dk hammer 5v9A Yoshi birdo
A Waluigi hammer 6v2F Daysi hammer
A Peach hammer 8v4F Wario birdo
A Luigi hammer 5v1F Mario koopa
A Luigi hammer 0v0A Daysi hammer
A Wario birdo 1v1F Wario toad
A Mario koopa 8v5F Luigi birdo
A Yoshi hammer 6v8F Dk hammer
A Peach koopa 6v7F Daysi koopa
A Daysi toad 7v8F Peach toad
A Mario hammer 7v10F Yoshi hammer
A Luigi koopa 7v2F Mario birdo
F Dk birdo 3v7F Waluigi koopa
A Waluigi koopa 9v4F Mario toad
A Wario toad 4v4F Waluigi birdo
A Yoshi toad 4v8F Luigi toad
A Peach hammer 7v4F Wario hammer
A Daysi birdo 8v3F Dk hammer
A Mario toad6v9F Daysi koopa
A Luigi hammer 5v3F Peach birdo
A Dk koopa 5v5F Yoshi birdo
A Waluigi toad 1v4F Mario birdo
A Wario hammer 3v5F Waluigi birdo
A Yoshi koopa 6v1F Peach birdo
A Daysi hammer 5v7F Wario hammer
A Mario toad3v6F Yoshi hammer
A Luigi koopa 6v9F Dk toad
A Dk birdo 3v1F Daysi koopa
A Peach toad10v6F Luigi toad
A Wario koopa 7v10F Daysi birdo
A Mario birdo 4v4F Wario hammer
A Luigi birdo 5v13F Waluigi toad
A Daysi toad 6v4F Yoshi birdo
A Yoshi hammer 2v6F Dk koopa
A Waluigi koopa 4v4F Peach hammer
A Yoshi hammer 12v7F Peach koopa
A Luigi toad 5v6F Daysi hammer
A Mario birdo 7v7F Yoshi toad
A Wario toad 1v2F Mario hammer
A Dk birdo 5v1F Wario birdo
A Peach toad7v4F Waluigi koopa
A Daysi koopa 7v2F Luigi toad
A Waluigi toad 5v6F Dk hammer
A Yoshi koopa 9v8F Mario toad
A Luigi birdo 11v4F Wario koopa
A Mario koopa 8v9F Waluigi hammer
A Wario birdo 10v4F Luigi birdo
A Dk koopa 4v9F Peach toad
A Peach birdo 6v11F Daysi birdo
A Daysi hammer 7v7F Dk toad
A Waluigi birdo 3v7F Yoshi birdo
A Yoshi birdo 4v2F Waluigi koopa
A Dk hammer 5v2F Daysi koopa
A Mario koopa 9v6F Peach hammer
A Luigi koopa 5v4F Wario toad
A Wario birdo 3v6F Mario hammer
A Peach birdo 5v5F Luigi hammer
A Daysi koopa 5v2F Dk birdo
A Waluigi hammer 5v3F Yoshi birdo
A Daysi toad 9v1F Dk birdo
A Dk toad 5v8F Waluigi birdo
A Wario koopa 5v12F Mario toad
A Peach koopa 3v4F Yoshi hammer
A Mario hammer 2v6F Daysi birdo
A Yoshi toad 5v1F Luigi hammer
A Waluigi toad 3v3F Wario toad
A Luigi koopa 5v9F Peach toad
A Dk birdo 4v9F Mario hammer
A Daysi koopa 3v6F Dk toad
A Yoshi koopa 3v3F Daysi koopa
A Wario koopa 6v3F Luigi toad
A Luigi toad 10v12F Mario birdo
A Peach koopa 3v9F Waluigi toad
A Wario hammer 2v6F Peach birdo
A Yoshi birdo 4v2F Daysi toad
A Daysi birdo 10v7F Dk toad
A Mario birdo 7v5F Wario toad
A Waluigi birdo 4v6F Peach toad
A Luigi birdo 5v4A Mario toad
A Dk birdo 5v6F Yoshi birdo
A Wario birdo 5v6F Waluigi toad
A Peach koopa 8v4F Luigi hammer
A Peach birdo 7v2F Luigi toad

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