Super Mario Sluggers

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bowser Monsters55006295315
2Bowser Jr. Rookies550064174715
3Diddy Monkeys531139271210
4DK Wilds53024546-19
5Mario Fireballs53022334-119
6Peach Monarchs5203272436
7Birdo Bows52032638-126
8Waluigi Spitballs52032032-126
9Daisy Flowers52032746-196
10Yoshi Eggs52032343-206
11Luigi Knights50141127-161
12Wario Muscles50052347-240
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Diddy Monkeys9v6Birdo Bows
Waluigi Spitballs6v4Daisy Flowers
Bowser Jr. Rookies7v2Luigi Knights
Yoshi Eggs8v17DK Wilds
Mario Fireballs0v21Bowser Monsters
Peach Monarchs6v5Wario Muscles
Birdo Bows3v15Bowser Jr. Rookies
Luigi Knights1v8Daisy Flowers
Diddy Monkeys8v2Waluigi Spitballs
DK Wilds2v11Bowser Monsters
Peach Monarchs1v4Yoshi Eggs
Mario Fireballs7v6Wario Muscles
Waluigi Spitballs6v12Birdo Bows
Luigi Knights5v5Diddy Monkeys
Daisy Flowers3v27Bowser Jr. Rookies
Bowser Monsters8v7Wario Muscles
Yoshi Eggs0v10Mario Fireballs
DK Wilds4v20Peach Monarchs
Diddy Monkeys9v10Bowser Jr. Rookies
Luigi Knights3v6Waluigi Spitballs
Birdo Bows4v8Daisy Flowers
Wario Muscles2v15DK Wilds
Yoshi Eggs0v12Bowser Monsters
Peach Monarchs0v1Mario Fireballs
Diddy Monkeys8v4Daisy Flowers
Luigi Knights0v1Birdo Bows
Bowser Jr. Rookies5v0Waluigi Spitballs
Peach Monarchs0v10Bowser Monsters
Yoshi Eggs11v3Wario Muscles
Mario Fireballs5v7DK Wilds

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