super liga ferizaj

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Junior11005233
2FC Dostat11005323
3FC Mani11004223
4FC Inferno11002023
5FC Bibaj11002113
6FC Tre Luanet10103301
7FC Am Stern10103301
8FC Pescara100112-10
9FC Red Demos100135-20
10FC Shkatrrusat100124-20
11FC Galaktikat100102-20
12FC Studentat100125-30

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FC Junior5v2FC Studentat
FC Bibaj2v1FC Pescara
FC Shkatrrusat2v4FC Mani
FC Red Demos3v5FC Dostat
FC Am Stern3v3FC Tre Luanet
FC Galaktikat0v2FC Inferno

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