Super League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1We United Arquebuse85122191216
2Cacca fc8431127515
3Sassuolo fc84131510513
4Super Ferrari 833298112
5Sex fc83321111012
6Dinda Team832367-111
7Sergio Team825145-111
9Real Ronco8224511-68
10Virtus Bussecchio 8017015-151

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Real Ronco0v0Eagles
Super Ferrari 0v3Sassuolo fc
Sergio Team1v0Virtus Bussecchio
Cacca fc3v1Dinda Team
Sex fc2v5We United Arquebuse
Virtus Bussecchio 0v2Eagles
Sergio Team0v0Sex fc
Sassuolo fc1v2Real Ronco
We United Arquebuse2v3Cacca fc
Dinda Team1v1Super Ferrari
Super Ferrari 2v1We United Arquebuse
Sex fc2v1Real Ronco
Dinda Team0v1Sergio Team
Virtus Bussecchio 0v0Cacca fc
Eagles3v4Sassuolo fc
Sassuolo fc2v0Virtus Bussecchio
Real Ronco1v0Dinda Team
Eagles3v3Sex fc
Cacca fc0v0Super Ferrari
Sergio Team0v3We United Arquebuse
Super Ferrari 0v0Sergio Team
Dinda Team2v1Eagles
We United Arquebuse2v0Real Ronco
Sassuolo fc3v1Cacca fc
Virtus Bussecchio 0v2Sex fc
Sex fc1v0Sassuolo fc
We United Arquebuse2v0Eagles
Virtus Bussecchio 0v1Dinda Team
Sergio Team0v0Cacca fc
Real Ronco0v2Super Ferrari
Sex fc0v0Dinda Team
Super Ferrari 3v0Virtus Bussecchio
Sassuolo fc2v2We United Arquebuse
Sergio Team1v1Eagles
Cacca fc3v0Real Ronco
Real Ronco1v1Sergio Team
We United Arquebuse4v0Virtus Bussecchio
Eagles3v1Super Ferrari
Dinda Team1v0Sassuolo fc
Cacca fc2v1Sex fc

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