Super league 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Salford Red Devils149051611095218
2Wakefield Trinity Wildcats148068383016
3Featherstone Rovers147071551411414
4Bradford Bulls147071581481014
5York Wasps14707150190-4014
6Leigh Centurions1460826512713812
7Catalan Dragons14608161240-7912
8Hull KR14608109204-9512

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Hull KR9v8Featherstone Rovers
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats5v0Leigh Centurions
Bradford Bulls2v10Salford Red Devils
Catalan Dragons25v6York Wasps
Hull KR3v2Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Featherstone Rovers12v25Bradford Bulls
Leigh Centurions47v0Catalan Dragons
York Wasps5v10Salford Red Devils
Bradford Bulls6v12Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Catalan Dragons21v20Hull KR
Salford Red Devils8v12Featherstone Rovers
Leigh Centurions26v0York Wasps
Bradford Bulls8v22Catalan Dragons
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats2v1Salford Red Devils
Hull KR8v9Leigh Centurions
York Wasps12v4Featherstone Rovers
Salford Red Devils26v8Catalan Dragons
Leigh Centurions43v14Bradford Bulls
Featherstone Rovers4v9Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Hull KR8v19York Wasps
Salford Red Devils10v4Leigh Centurions
Catalan Dragons8v3Featherstone Rovers
Bradford Bulls20v0Hull KR
York Wasps24v4Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Featherstone Rovers8v4Leigh Centurions
Hull KR3v31Salford Red Devils
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats0v10Catalan Dragons
Bradford Bulls10v12York Wasps
Featherstone Rovers0v6Hull KR
Leigh Centurions6v10Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Salford Red Devils6v5Bradford Bulls
York Wasps24v32Catalan Dragons
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats16v0Hull KR
Bradford Bulls4v10Featherstone Rovers
Catalan Dragons4v52Leigh Centurions
Salford Red Devils7v8York Wasps
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats1v8Bradford Bulls
Hull KR4v1Catalan Dragons
Featherstone Rovers26v4Salford Red Devils
York Wasps17v12Leigh Centurions
Catalan Dragons4v8Bradford Bulls
Salford Red Devils12v1Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Leigh Centurions42v16Hull KR
Featherstone Rovers32v16York Wasps
Catalan Dragons1v8Salford Red Devils
Bradford Bulls8v4Leigh Centurions
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats9v4Featherstone Rovers
York Wasps0v4Hull KR
Leigh Centurions14v21Salford Red Devils
Featherstone Rovers26v25Catalan Dragons
Hull KR10v28Bradford Bulls
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats4v5York Wasps
Leigh Centurions2v6Featherstone Rovers
Salford Red Devils7v18Hull KR
Catalan Dragons0v8Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
York Wasps2v12Bradford Bulls

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