Super league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Huddersfield Giants148152251497617
2Widnes Vikings14815160158217
3Wigan Warriors146441671165116
4Leeds Rhinos147071551292614
5Castleford Tigers14617140219-7913
6St Helens14608123116712
7Warrington Wolves14608138172-3412
8Hull FC14518140189-4911

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Wigan Warriors4v4Hull FC
Warrington Wolves22v30Widnes Vikings
Castleford Tigers13v11Leeds Rhinos
Huddersfield Giants24v0St Helens
Wigan Warriors14v16Warrington Wolves
Hull FC30v6Castleford Tigers
Widnes Vikings24v14Huddersfield Giants
St Helens0v10Leeds Rhinos
Huddersfield Giants14v8Wigan Warriors
Leeds Rhinos8v22Hull FC
Widnes Vikings12v7St Helens
Castleford Tigers20v10Warrington Wolves
Castleford Tigers8v22Huddersfield Giants
Warrington Wolves13v18Leeds Rhinos
St Helens22v0Hull FC
Wigan Warriors10v12Widnes Vikings
Wigan Warriors5v4St Helens
Hull FC21v14Warrington Wolves
Widnes Vikings21v16Castleford Tigers
Leeds Rhinos7v6Huddersfield Giants
Leeds Rhinos11v25Widnes Vikings
Huddersfield Giants26v16Hull FC
St Helens10v0Warrington Wolves
Castleford Tigers19v19Wigan Warriors
Castleford Tigers6v5St Helens
Warrington Wolves19v0Huddersfield Giants
Wigan Warriors22v11Leeds Rhinos
Hull FC5v0Widnes Vikings
Hull FC0v16Wigan Warriors
Widnes Vikings0v10Warrington Wolves
St Helens10v15Huddersfield Giants
Leeds Rhinos4v6Castleford Tigers
Leeds Rhinos0v11St Helens
Huddersfield Giants2v6Widnes Vikings
Warrington Wolves4v0Wigan Warriors
Castleford Tigers6v0Hull FC
Warrington Wolves4v9Castleford Tigers
Wigan Warriors4v4Huddersfield Giants
St Helens14v0Widnes Vikings
Hull FC1v20Leeds Rhinos
Hull FC0v15St Helens
Widnes Vikings8v8Wigan Warriors
Leeds Rhinos14v0Warrington Wolves
Huddersfield Giants44v16Castleford Tigers
Huddersfield Giants0v26Leeds Rhinos
Warrington Wolves16v14Hull FC
St Helens12v29Wigan Warriors
Castleford Tigers6v14Widnes Vikings
Hull FC5v32Huddersfield Giants
Wigan Warriors22v4Castleford Tigers
Warrington Wolves10v0St Helens
Widnes Vikings4v11Leeds Rhinos
Widnes Vikings4v22Hull FC
Huddersfield Giants22v0Warrington Wolves
Leeds Rhinos4v6Wigan Warriors
St Helens13v5Castleford Tigers

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