Super Leagu Darts

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mark McLernon 33009186
2Shane Lennon 33009276
3Paul McGahan22006064
4Clive Hanna22006064
5Noel Dunwoody22006244
6Mickey Campbell31116603
7Tony Rutherford 411268-23
8Hugh Heaney310256-12
9Pearce Richardson310236-32
10Paul Lewis 310236-32
11Stephen Rutherford00000000
12Gordy Walker00000000
13Andy Fairburn200206-60
14Rab Lewis300329-70
15Jet Tirol 300309-90

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Clive Hanna3v0Tony Rutherford
Paul Lewis 0v3Pearce Richardson
Mickey Campbell1v3Shane Lennon
Hugh Heaney1v3Mark McLernon
Tony Rutherford 1v3Noel Dunwoody
Jet Tirol 0v3Paul McGahan
Rab Lewis0v3Clive Hanna
Pearce Richardson0v3Shane Lennon
Hugh Heaney3v0Paul Lewis
Mickey Campbell2v2Tony Rutherford
Jet Tirol 0v3Mark McLernon
Noel Dunwoody3v1Rab Lewis
Andy Fairburn0v3Paul McGahan
Shane Lennon 3v1Hugh Heaney
Tony Rutherford 3v0Pearce Richardson
Paul Lewis 3v0Jet Tirol
Rab Lewis1v3Mickey Campbell
Mark McLernon 3v0Andy Fairburn

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