Sunshine Coast U12 Div 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Noosa FC1110105084231
2Black Buderim119025474727
3Blue Maroochydore 1272345172823
4Orange Buderim1371542301222
5Caboolture Snakes137152722522
6Coolum FC123272541-1611
7White Maroochydore 1211101472-584
8Caloundra FC120012767-600

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Caboolture Snakes2v1Orange Buderim
Caloundra FC0v5Orange Buderim
Blue Maroochydore 1v1Noosa FC
Orange Buderim2v1Coolum FC
White Maroochydore 2v8Orange Buderim
Coolum FC1v1Caboolture Snakes
Caloundra FC1v4Blue Maroochydore
Noosa FC11v0White Maroochydore
Blue Maroochydore 2v7Black Buderim
Caboolture Snakes4v0Caloundra FC
Noosa FC3v1Orange Buderim
Caloundra FC0v1Coolum FC
Black Buderim4v0Caboolture Snakes
White Maroochydore 0v8Blue Maroochydore
Coolum FC0v4Black Buderim
Caboolture Snakes5v2White Maroochydore
White Maroochydore 3v3Coolum FC
Orange Buderim1v1Blue Maroochydore
Caboolture Snakes0v4Noosa FC
Black Buderim5v0Caloundra FC
Orange Buderim0v6Black Buderim
Blue Maroochydore 1v0Caboolture Snakes
Noosa FC2v1Coolum FC
White Maroochydore 3v2Caloundra FC
Orange Buderim2v0Caboolture Snakes
White Maroochydore 0v7Black Buderim
Caloundra FC0v6Noosa FC
Coolum FC1v3Blue Maroochydore
Caboolture Snakes5v0Coolum FC
Noosa FC2v0Black Buderim
Blue Maroochydore 9v0Caloundra FC
Orange Buderim4v2White Maroochydore
Black Buderim1v0Blue Maroochydore
Noosa FC4v0White Maroochydore
Coolum FC2v6Orange Buderim
Caloundra FC0v3Caboolture Snakes
Orange Buderim3v7Noosa FC
Caboolture Snakes2v1Black Buderim
Coolum FC10v3Caloundra FC
Blue Maroochydore 11v0White Maroochydore
White Maroochydore 0v5Caboolture Snakes
Black Buderim10v1Coolum FC
Orange Buderim8v1Caloundra FC
Noosa FC4v2Blue Maroochydore
Caloundra FC0v9Black Buderim
Coolum FC4v2White Maroochydore
Blue Maroochydore 3v1Orange Buderim
Noosa FC6v0Caboolture Snakes

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