Summer League 2015 Group A.

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Triangle 752042142817
2Jubilee Sharks 743038182015
3Garswood Giants 74123125613
4Village Vikings 732233231011
5Dover lock Warriors 7232302649
6Bath Berserkers 7232282809
7Jerry Springers 71062234-123
8No team7007056-560

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Jerry Springers 8v0No team
Garswood Giants 7v1Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 4v4Jubilee Sharks
Dover lock Warriors 4v4Triangle
No team0v8Bath Berserkers
Jerry Springers 3v5Garswood Giants
Jubilee Sharks 4v4Triangle
Village Vikings 5v3Dover lock Warriors
Garswood Giants 8v0No team
Bath Berserkers 4v4Jubilee Sharks
Triangle 5v3Village Vikings
Dover lock Warriors 5v3Jerry Springers
Jubilee Sharks 7v1Garswood Giants
No team0v8Village Vikings
Triangle 8v0Jerry Springers
Bath Berserkers 4v4Dover lock Warriors
No team0v8Jubilee Sharks
Jerry Springers 2v6Village Vikings
Triangle 6v2Bath Berserkers
Dover lock Warriors 4v4Garswood Giants
No team0v8Dover lock Warriors
Garswood Giants 1v7Triangle
Jubilee Sharks 5v3Jerry Springers
Bath Berserkers 4v4Village Vikings
Jerry Springers 3v5Bath Berserkers
Village Vikings 3v5Garswood Giants
Triangle 8v0No team
Dover lock Warriors 2v6Jubilee Sharks

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