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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1One & All B980110233690
3Sportsmans B99009639570
5Trevelyan Arms9207706550
6London Inn95046768-10
7The Wellington84045961-20
8The Badger93066669-30
9First & last Sennen85035862-40
10Dolphin Inn93066075-150
11Red Lion B95045877-190
12Astro B900932103-710
137 Stars B900922113-910

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Dolphin Inn7v8London Inn
Astro B1v14Sportsmans B
Alexandra8v7Trevelyan Arms
7 Stars B2v13Turnpike
First & last Sennen8v7The Badger
Red Lion B4v11The Wellington
The Wellington14v17 Stars B
Sportsmans B8v7Alexandra
Turnpike15v0Astro B
The Badger7v8Red Lion B
One & All B10v5Dolphin Inn
London Inn7v8First & last Sennen
Astro B5v10Alexandra
Turnpike12v3The Wellington
Dolphin Inn9v6Trevelyan Arms
First & last Sennen1v14One & All B
Red Lion B8v7London Inn
7 Stars B5v10The Badger
The Wellington12v3Astro B
The Badger6v9Turnpike
London Inn13v27 Stars B
Sportsmans B15v0Dolphin Inn
Trevelyan Arms10v5First & last Sennen
One & All B11v4Red Lion B
Turnpike13v2London Inn
Dolphin Inn7v8Alexandra
First & last Sennen6v9Sportsmans B
Red Lion B8v7Trevelyan Arms
7 Stars B0v15One & All B
The Badger10v5Astro B
Sportsmans B12v3Red Lion B
Trevelyan Arms14v17 Stars B
One & All B6v9Turnpike
The Badger6v9London Inn
Astro B4v11Dolphin Inn
Red Lion B9v6Alexandra
7 Stars B3v12Sportsmans B
Turnpike8v7Trevelyan Arms
The Wellington2v13One & All B
London Inn8v7Astro B
One & All B10v5The Badger
Dolphin Inn7v8First & last Sennen
Trevelyan Arms7v8The Wellington
Alexandra13v27 Stars B
Sportsmans B8v7Turnpike
The Wellington6v9Sportsmans B
Astro B4v11First & last Sennen
Red Lion B10v5Dolphin Inn
The Badger9v6Trevelyan Arms
London Inn4v11One & All B
Dolphin Inn9v67 Stars B
Sportsmans B9v6The Badger
Trevelyan Arms6v9London Inn
Alexandra12v3The Wellington
First & last Sennen11v4Red Lion B
One & All B12v3Astro B

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