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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Commercial B88007941380
2Falmouth Packet B88007248240
3St Buryan Inn96037659170
4Red Lion A97027461130
57 Stars A96037362110
7Mousehole RBL82065763-60
8Bird in Hand B84045763-60
9Star Crowlas83055664-80
10St Just RBL93066273-110
11Dolphin Tavern93066273-110
12Falmouth Packet A81074872-240
13St Just RFC B90094986-370

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Mousehole RBL8v7Radjel
St Buryan Inn11v4Dolphin Tavern
Star Crowlas7v8St Just RBL
Falmouth Packet A4v117 Stars A
Commercial B10v5Red Lion A
St Just RFC B6v9Bird in Hand B
7 Stars A6v9Commercial B
St Just RBL5v10Mousehole RBL
Dolphin Tavern6v9Star Crowlas
Falmouth Packet B8v7St Buryan Inn
Bird in Hand B10v5Falmouth Packet A
Radjel10v5St Just RFC B
Bird in Hand B6v9Radjel
St Buryan Inn10v5Red Lion A
Star Crowlas5v10Falmouth Packet B
Falmouth Packet A5v10Commercial B
St Just RFC B5v10St Just RBL
Radjel8v7Falmouth Packet A
St Just RBL11v4Bird in Hand B
Dolphin Tavern8v7St Just RFC B
7 Stars A8v7St Buryan Inn
Red Lion A8v7Star Crowlas
Falmouth Packet B9v6Mousehole RBL
Radjel10v5St Just RBL
Bird in Hand B9v6Dolphin Tavern
St Buryan Inn6v9Commercial B
Star Crowlas9v67 Stars A
Mousehole RBL7v8Red Lion A
St Just RFC B5v10Falmouth Packet B
Dolphin Tavern6v9Radjel
7 Stars A8v7Mousehole RBL
Red Lion A13v2St Just RFC B
St Just RBL5v10Dolphin Tavern
Falmouth Packet A5v10St Buryan Inn
Mousehole RBL5v10Commercial B
St Just RFC B6v97 Stars A
Bird in Hand B7v8Red Lion A
Radjel7v8Falmouth Packet B
7 Stars A9v6St Just RBL
Dolphin Tavern8v7Falmouth Packet A
St Buryan Inn9v6Star Crowlas
Commercial B9v6St Just RFC B
7 Stars A7v8Bird in Hand B
Red Lion A10v5Radjel
Falmouth Packet B9v6St Just RBL
St Just RBL6v9Red Lion A
Bird in Hand B4v11Commercial B
Radjel6v97 Stars A
Dolphin Tavern7v8Falmouth Packet B
Mousehole RBL7v8St Buryan Inn
Falmouth Packet A10v5Star Crowlas
Commercial B11v4Radjel
Star Crowlas8v7Mousehole RBL
St Buryan Inn8v7St Just RFC B
Falmouth Packet B10v5Falmouth Packet A
Red Lion A8v7Dolphin Tavern

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