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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bucket of Blood10100012228940
2Bar Up A1090110050500
3Bath Inn1010009555400
4Commercial A107039357360
6One & All A106048169120
7Humphry Davy106047377-40
8Bird in Hand A93066174-130
9Sportsmans A104066783-160
10Mousehole AFC102086189-280
11Buff Club102086090-300
13Astro A103075694-380
14St Just RFC10001033117-840

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Copperhouse6v9Bar Up A
Buff Club1v14Bucket of Blood
Mousehole AFC8v7Crown
Bath Inn8v7Astro A
Sportsmans A6v9Commercial A
Bird in Hand A6v9Humphry Davy
One & All A12v3St Just RFC
Commercial A10v5One & All A
Astro A8v7Mousehole AFC
Bar Up A12v3Buff Club
Humphry Davy7v8Bath Inn
St Just RFC4v11Bird in Hand A
Bucket of Blood14v1Sportsmans A
Sportsmans A6v9Bar Up A
Copperhouse10v5Astro A
One & All A11v4Bird in Hand A
Commercial A5v10Bucket of Blood
Buff Club6v9Crown
Bath Inn12v3St Just RFC
Mousehole AFC7v8Humphry Davy
Bird in Hand A6v9Bath Inn
Bucket of Blood13v2One & All A
Bar Up A9v6Commercial A
Crown5v10Sportsmans A
St Just RFC4v11Mousehole AFC
Humphry Davy8v7Copperhouse
Astro A8v7Buff Club
Bucket of Blood9v6Bar Up A
Commercial A13v2Crown
One & All A7v8Bath Inn
Mousehole AFC5v10Bird in Hand A
Copperhouse10v5St Just RFC
Buff Club5v10Humphry Davy
Sportsmans A6v9Astro A
Bar Up A9v6One & All A
Crown1v14Bucket of Blood
Bath Inn13v2Mousehole AFC
St Just RFC3v12Buff Club
Humphry Davy9v6Sportsmans A
Astro A3v12Commercial A
Bar Up A11v4Crown
One & All A12v3Mousehole AFC
Buff Club7v8Bird in Hand A
Copperhouse7v8Bath Inn
Sportsmans A11v4St Just RFC
Commercial A9v6Humphry Davy
Bucket of Blood13v2Astro A
Mousehole AFC5v10Copperhouse
Crown7v8One & All A
Bath Inn10v5Buff Club
Bird in Hand A7v8Sportsmans A
St Just RFC2v13Commercial A
Humphry Davy5v10Bucket of Blood
Astro A4v11Bar Up A
Bar Up A12v3Humphry Davy
Sportsmans A4v11Bath Inn
One & All A8v7Copperhouse
Crown10v5Astro A
Commercial A9v6Bird in Hand A
Buff Club8v7Mousehole AFC
Bucket of Blood13v2St Just RFC
Bath Inn8v7Commercial A
Mousehole AFC6v9Sportsmans A
Astro A5v10One & All A
Bird in Hand A3v12Bucket of Blood
Copperhouse9v6Buff Club
Humphry Davy8v7Crown
St Just RFC3v12Bar Up A

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