Summer Cup 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Whitehorse United1090155144127
2Chisholm United1080238211724
3Glen Waverley knight's1050539241515
4Dingley Stars102081762-456
5Glen Eira502309-92
6Casey Comets7025019-192
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Dingley Stars2v6Whitehorse United
Glen Waverley knight's4v2Chisholm United
Dingley Stars0v10Whitehorse United
Glen Waverley knight's3v4Chisholm United
Whitehorse United3v0Glen Eira
Dingley Stars4v6Chisholm United
Glen Waverley knight's2v3Whitehorse United
Casey Comets0v3Chisholm United
Glen Waverley knight's3v0Dingley Stars
Chisholm United3v4Whitehorse United
Casey Comets0v7Glen Waverley knight's
Dingley Stars1v6Whitehorse United
Casey Comets0v0Glen Eira
Casey Comets0v3Chisholm United
Dingley Stars3v0Casey Comets
Glen Waverley knight's0v2Whitehorse United
Chisholm United3v0Glen Eira
Chisholm United3v2Whitehorse United
Glen Waverley knight's14v0Dingley Stars
Dingley Stars3v0Glen Eira
Casey Comets0v3Glen Waverley knight's
Chisholm United5v3Glen Waverley knight's
Whitehorse United11v3Dingley Stars
Glen Eira0v0Casey Comets
Dingley Stars1v6Chisholm United
Glen Waverley knight's0v8Whitehorse United

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