Summer 2015

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richie Blackmore171601117279048
2Robert Short171331109515842
3Dean Bearne171322108634541
4Dave Bowden171232107515639
5Hads Winsor171232112684439
6Paul Reading17935101762530
7Martin Hayes1710079384930
8Dan Hooper179269081929
9Liam Stickley 178459285728
10Midge Ellis177469183825
11Ian Thompson 177288386-323
12Frank Cotterell17431075103-2815
13Simon Davey1742116598-3314
14Kristy Dunn17411264100-3613
15Lee Connor17231265108-439
16Damian Wallace17301450111-619
17Roy Thompson17121446113-675
18Jack Hooper17011638118-801

Viewed 643 times

Martin Hayes7v3Dan Hooper
Kristy Dunn7v3Roy Thompson
Simon Davey7v5Lee Connor
Dave Bowden7v2Kristy Dunn
Dean Bearne7v3Frank Cotterell
Paul Reading7v3Ian Thompson
Richie Blackmore7v1Roy Thompson
Robert Short7v2Midge Ellis
Liam Stickley 6v6Hads Winsor
Damian Wallace7v5Jack Hooper
Liam Stickley 6v6Dan Hooper
Robert Short7v2Kristy Dunn
Dan Hooper7v4Kristy Dunn
Roy Thompson7v3Simon Davey
Hads Winsor7v5Ian Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v2Kristy Dunn
Dan Hooper7v3Jack Hooper
Damian Wallace7v5Lee Connor
Hads Winsor7v2Simon Davey
Robert Short7v1Jack Hooper
Hads Winsor7v5Richie Blackmore
Dean Bearne7v4Kristy Dunn
Roy Thompson6v6Paul Reading
Ian Thompson 7v5Frank Cotterell
Hads Winsor7v2Damian Wallace
Dave Bowden7v0Simon Davey
Richie Blackmore7v1Martin Hayes
Midge Ellis7v2Dan Hooper
Robert Short7v1Liam Stickley
Hads Winsor7v0Jack Hooper
Lee Connor7v2Roy Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v5Frank Cotterell
Midge Ellis7v1Kristy Dunn
Dave Bowden7v1Lee Connor
Dean Bearne7v3Simon Davey
Ian Thompson 7v4Kristy Dunn
Frank Cotterell7v4Roy Thompson
Paul Reading7v5Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore7v3Midge Ellis
Robert Short7v5Hads Winsor
Richie Blackmore7v1Liam Stickley
Midge Ellis7v5Paul Reading
Martin Hayes7v5Frank Cotterell
Ian Thompson 7v3Simon Davey
Dean Bearne7v1Lee Connor
Dave Bowden7v3Damian Wallace
Paul Reading7v4Liam Stickley
Martin Hayes7v5Kristy Dunn
Ian Thompson 6v6Lee Connor
Hads Winsor7v4Dan Hooper
Dean Bearne7v5Dave Bowden
Midge Ellis6v6Frank Cotterell
Richie Blackmore7v0Jack Hooper
Robert Short7v2Damian Wallace
Robert Short7v4Dan Hooper
Paul Reading7v1Jack Hooper
Martin Hayes7v3Simon Davey
Dave Bowden7v1Ian Thompson
Dean Bearne7v1Damian Wallace
Hads Winsor7v5Paul Reading
Dave Bowden7v0Roy Thompson
Frank Cotterell7v5Jack Hooper
Martin Hayes7v3Lee Connor
Midge Ellis6v6Simon Davey
Dan Hooper7v1Damian Wallace
Richie Blackmore7v0Robert Short
Dean Bearne7v3Ian Thompson
Dean Bearne7v2Jack Hooper
Dave Bowden7v5Liam Stickley
Damian Wallace2v7Ian Thompson
Kristy Dunn7v2Jack Hooper
Dean Bearne7v2Roy Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v4Simon Davey
Robert Short6v6Paul Reading
Hads Winsor7v2Frank Cotterell
Midge Ellis7v3Lee Connor
Richie Blackmore7v1Dan Hooper
Dave Bowden7v3Martin Hayes
Dean Bearne7v5Midge Ellis
Richie Blackmore7v4Paul Reading
Dan Hooper7v4Frank Cotterell
Lee Connor7v4Jack Hooper
Martin Hayes7v4Ian Thompson
Damian Wallace7v3Roy Thompson
Robert Short7v3Martin Hayes
Robert Short6v6Dean Bearne
Hads Winsor7v3Kristy Dunn
Frank Cotterell6v6Lee Connor
Frank Cotterell7v2Kristy Dunn
Hads Winsor7v5Martin Hayes
Dan Hooper7v5Paul Reading
Simon Davey7v2Jack Hooper
Ian Thompson 7v0Roy Thompson
Dean Bearne7v2Martin Hayes
Dave Bowden7v1Midge Ellis
Liam Stickley 7v5Lee Connor
Robert Short7v0Frank Cotterell
Richie Blackmore7v1Damian Wallace
Martin Hayes7v1Jack Hooper
Jack Hooper6v6Roy Thompson
Dave Bowden6v6Frank Cotterell
Paul Reading7v3Damian Wallace
Dean Bearne7v1Liam Stickley
Ian Thompson 7v3Midge Ellis
Robert Short7v3Simon Davey
Dave Bowden7v1Jack Hooper
Hads Winsor7v1Lee Connor
Richie Blackmore7v1Frank Cotterell
Dave Bowden7v1Dan Hooper
Paul Reading7v2Frank Cotterell
Richie Blackmore7v0Kristy Dunn
Dan Hooper7v1Simon Davey
Robert Short7v2Lee Connor
Dave Bowden6v6Hads Winsor
Liam Stickley 6v6Ian Thompson
Midge Ellis7v3Roy Thompson
Martin Hayes7v4Damian Wallace
Simon Davey7v2Frank Cotterell
Frank Cotterell7v4Damian Wallace
Martin Hayes7v4Midge Ellis
Dan Hooper7v3Lee Connor
Robert Short6v6Dave Bowden
Liam Stickley 7v1Roy Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v4Martin Hayes
Ian Thompson 7v1Jack Hooper
Dean Bearne7v5Hads Winsor
Paul Reading7v1Kristy Dunn
Richie Blackmore7v2Simon Davey
Hads Winsor7v2Roy Thompson
Paul Reading7v1Simon Davey
Richie Blackmore7v1Lee Connor
Midge Ellis7v1Damian Wallace
Martin Hayes7v3Roy Thompson
Dan Hooper6v6Dean Bearne
Robert Short7v0Ian Thompson
Kristy Dunn7v2Damian Wallace
Paul Reading6v6Lee Connor
Liam Stickley 6v6Midge Ellis
Richie Blackmore7v0Dave Bowden
Kristy Dunn6v6Simon Davey
Robert Short7v1Roy Thompson
Dave Bowden7v1Paul Reading
Dan Hooper7v4Ian Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v3Damian Wallace
Richie Blackmore7v2Dean Bearne
Midge Ellis7v2Jack Hooper
Liam Stickley 7v2Jack Hooper
Dan Hooper7v2Roy Thompson
Paul Reading7v3Dean Bearne
Kristy Dunn7v3Lee Connor
Richie Blackmore7v2Ian Thompson
Hads Winsor6v6Midge Ellis
Simon Davey7v0Damian Wallace

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