Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Paul and James852162417
2Jim and Mike 851252316
3Garf and Geordie 842242214
4Martin and Groomy641141313
5Chris and Dick841343113
6Robbo and Tic Tac941455013
7Buddy and Ivan 1234546-213
8Adie and Steve940545-112
9Paul Strett and Bilco632131211
10Horns and Dave832344011
11Kindy and James731344010
12Rossi and Dickie 823323-19
13Paddy and Dei830535-29
14Boyd and Hutch1030737-49
15Darren and Carl 1122738-58

Viewed 1208 times

Boyd and Hutch0v1Chris and Dick
Darren and Carl 1v1Horns and Dave
Paul and James1v1Kindy and James
Buddy and Ivan 0v1Paddy and Dei
Adie and Steve0v1Martin and Groomy
Jim and Mike 1v0Buddy and Ivan
Robbo and Tic Tac1v0Rossi and Dickie
Chris and Dick1v0Darren and Carl
Kindy and James1v0Adie and Steve
Buddy and Ivan 1v1Robbo and Tic Tac
Garf and Geordie 1v0Paddy and Dei
Darren and Carl 1v0Rossi and Dickie
Buddy and Ivan 0v0Rossi and Dickie
Paul Strett and Bilco1v0Paddy and Dei
Garf and Geordie 1v0Boyd and Hutch
Buddy and Ivan 1v0Paul and James
Paddy and Dei1v0Darren and Carl
Buddy and Ivan 1v0Chris and Dick
Kindy and James1v0Horns and Dave
Paul and James1v0Adie and Steve
Garf and Geordie 1v0Jim and Mike
Rossi and Dickie 1v0Boyd and Hutch
Paul Strett and Bilco1v0Horns and Dave
Jim and Mike 1v0Paddy and Dei
Adie and Steve1v0Robbo and Tic Tac
Paul Strett and Bilco1v0Martin and Groomy
Garf and Geordie 0v0Horns and Dave
Chris and Dick1v0Paddy and Dei
Paul and James1v0Darren and Carl
Adie and Steve1v0Buddy and Ivan
Jim and Mike 0v0Rossi and Dickie
Buddy and Ivan 0v0Paul Strett and Bilco
Paul and James1v0Boyd and Hutch
Horns and Dave1v0Chris and Dick
Darren and Carl 0v1Jim and Mike
Martin and Groomy1v0Robbo and Tic Tac
Adie and Steve1v0Boyd and Hutch
Darren and Carl 1v0Adie and Steve
Robbo and Tic Tac1v0Chris and Dick
Kindy and James1v0Boyd and Hutch
Martin and Groomy1v0Boyd and Hutch
Paul and James1v0Horns and Dave
Buddy and Ivan 0v0Martin and Groomy
Garf and Geordie 0v0Darren and Carl
Jim and Mike 1v0Kindy and James
Chris and Dick0v0Rossi and Dickie
Robbo and Tic Tac1v0Paul Strett and Bilco
Adie and Steve1v0Paddy and Dei
Boyd and Hutch1v0Robbo and Tic Tac
Jim and Mike 1v0Robbo and Tic Tac
Rossi and Dickie 1v0Garf and Geordie
Horns and Dave1v0Buddy and Ivan
Paul Strett and Bilco0v0Paul and James
Martin and Groomy1v0Darren and Carl
Adie and Steve0v1Horns and Dave
Garf and Geordie 1v0Kindy and James
Buddy and Ivan 1v0Darren and Carl
Paddy and Dei1v0Rossi and Dickie
Robbo and Tic Tac1v0Darren and Carl
Boyd and Hutch1v0Buddy and Ivan
Kindy and James0v1Chris and Dick
Boyd and Hutch1v0Jim and Mike
Paul and James1v0Garf and Geordie