Strets Winter League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Buddy and Luke1493292730
2Garf and Geordie1490595427
3Meady and Adie1474373425
4Kindy and James1473485324
5Paddy and Shitwig1472575223
6Stret and Hutch1463565121
7Burb and Dave.S.1463565121
8Johno and Robbo1461767-119
9Blower and Marsh1461767-119
10Jim and Mike1461767-119
11Scott and Carl1353566018
12Paul and Bilco1444646-216
13Rossy and Dickie1342747-314
14Rawlo and Martin1432939-611
15Kirbs and Steve.V.1414919-87

Viewed 1904 times

Blower and Marsh1v0Rossy and Dickie
Garf and Geordie1v0Paddy and Shitwig
Jim and Mike1v0Kindy and James
Stret and Hutch0v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Paul and Bilco1v0Rossy and Dickie
Jim and Mike1v0Paul and Bilco
Scott and Carl1v0Rawlo and Martin
Paddy and Shitwig0v0Rossy and Dickie
Paul and Bilco0v0Rawlo and Martin
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Blower and Marsh0v1Garf and Geordie
Meady and Adie1v0Blower and Marsh
Garf and Geordie1v0Scott and Carl
Buddy and Luke1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Blower and Marsh1v0Johno and Robbo
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Rawlo and Martin
Buddy and Luke1v0Scott and Carl
Rawlo and Martin1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Stret and Hutch1v0Garf and Geordie
Paul and Bilco1v0Burb and Dave.S.
Kindy and James1v0Buddy and Luke
Garf and Geordie1v0Jim and Mike
Scott and Carl1v0Stret and Hutch
Blower and Marsh1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Meady and Adie1v0Paul and Bilco
Scott and Carl1v0Paddy and Shitwig
Garf and Geordie1v0Rawlo and Martin
Paul and Bilco0v0Buddy and Luke
Buddy and Luke1v0Rawlo and Martin
Kindy and James1v0Garf and Geordie
Burb and Dave.S.0v0Stret and Hutch
Meady and Adie1v0Kindy and James
Rossy and Dickie1v0Garf and Geordie
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Burb and Dave.S.
Burb and Dave.S.1v0Rossy and Dickie
Paddy and Shitwig0v0Buddy and Luke
Paul and Bilco1v0Kindy and James
Garf and Geordie1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Rawlo and Martin1v0Rossy and Dickie
Kindy and James1v0Rawlo and Martin
Kindy and James0v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Burb and Dave.S.0v0Meady and Adie
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Jim and Mike
Paul and Bilco1v0Scott and Carl
Stret and Hutch1v0Blower and Marsh
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Paul and Bilco
Rossy and Dickie0v0Meady and Adie
Buddy and Luke1v0Johno and Robbo
Buddy and Luke1v0Jim and Mike
Kindy and James1v0Rossy and Dickie
Meady and Adie0v0Rawlo and Martin
Paul and Bilco0v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Blower and Marsh0v1Burb and Dave.S.
Meady and Adie0v0Scott and Carl
Burb and Dave.S.1v0Rawlo and Martin
Kirbs and Steve.V.1v0Burb and Dave.S.
Blower and Marsh1v0Scott and Carl
Burb and Dave.S.1v0Kindy and James
Jim and Mike1v0Rawlo and Martin
Buddy and Luke1v0Stret and Hutch
Burb and Dave.S.1v0Jim and Mike
Kindy and James1v1Scott and Carl
Johno and Robbo1v0Paul and Bilco
Buddy and Luke1v0Meady and Adie
Stret and Hutch1v0Rossy and Dickie
Burb and Dave.S.1v0Garf and Geordie
Johno and Robbo1v0Scott and Carl
Johno and Robbo1v0Burb and Dave.S.
Kindy and James1v0Paddy and Shitwig
Meady and Adie1v0Jim and Mike
Buddy and Luke1v0Rossy and Dickie
Kindy and James1v0Stret and Hutch
Meady and Adie1v0Garf and Geordie
Rossy and Dickie1v0Jim and Mike
Stret and Hutch1v0Rawlo and Martin
Rossy and Dickie1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Johno and Robbo1v0Jim and Mike
Meady and Adie1v0Paddy and Shitwig
Buddy and Luke1v0Blower and Marsh
Garf and Geordie1v0Paul and Bilco
Johno and Robbo1v0Paddy and Shitwig
Blower and Marsh0v1Paddy and Shitwig
Garf and Geordie1v0Buddy and Luke
Stret and Hutch1v0Johno and Robbo
Scott and Carl1v0Burb and Dave.S.
Kirbs and Steve.V.0v1Jim and Mike
Rossy and Dickie1v0Johno and Robbo
Paddy and Shitwig1v0Stret and Hutch
Jim and Mike1v0Blower and Marsh
Garf and Geordie1v0Johno and Robbo
Scott and Carl1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Buddy and Luke0v0Burb and Dave.S.
Paul and Bilco0v0Stret and Hutch
Stret and Hutch1v0Meady and Adie
Kindy and James1v0Johno and Robbo
Jim and Mike1v0Stret and Hutch
Rawlo and Martin1v0Johno and Robbo
Meady and Adie0v1Johno and Robbo
Scott and Carl0v0Jim and Mike
Kirbs and Steve.V.0v0Johno and Robbo
Blower and Marsh1v0Paul and Bilco
Rawlo and Martin0v1Blower and Marsh
Meady and Adie1v0Kirbs and Steve.V.
Kindy and James0v0Blower and Marsh

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