Street Football League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fc Barcelona88003973224
2Santos Bulls8512168816
3La Galaxy8503139415
5Inter Milan7412116513
6Atletico Mardrid8413810-213
7Atheltic Bilibao841346-213
8Hamburg Fc833243112
9Borussia Dortmund833245-112
10Manchester City832369-311
11Pitogo Warriors8314911-210
12Malvar Spartans816134-19
13Fc Basel822456-18
14Paris Saint German721446-27
15Bayern Munich721469-37
16Celtic Fc721425-37
18Manchester United7133910-16
19Real Saragosa804415-44
20Kalyaan Fc8044424-204
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Borussia Dortmund1v0Fc Basel
Santos Bulls3v0Kalyaan Fc
La Galaxy4v1Atletico Mardrid
Pitogo Warriors0v1Hamburg Fc
Kalyaan Fc1v1Malvar Spartans
Fc Barcelona1v0Real Saragosa
Real Saragosa0v1Paris Saint German
Fc Barcelona5v4Santos Bulls
Fc Basel1v0Manchester United
Bayern Munich1v2Arsenal
Inter Milan0v2Atletico Mardrid
Santos Bulls0v1Shalke
Atletico Mardrid1v0Paris Saint German
Manchester City0v0Celtic Fc
Fc Basel3v0Borussia Dortmund
Shalke0v3Inter Milan
Fc Barcelona5v0Manchester City
La Galaxy0v1Atheltic Bilibao
Hamburg Fc0v0Malvar Spartans
La Galaxy3v2Manchester United
Pitogo Warriors4v0Atheltic Bilibao
Malvar Spartans0v0Real Saragosa
Celtic Fc1v0Kalyaan Fc
Atheltic Bilibao1v0Bayern Munich
Arsenal0v0Borussia Dortmund
Malvar Spartans1v0Shalke
Shalke1v2Atletico Mardrid
Manchester United2v2Pitogo Warriors
Real Saragosa0v0Fc Basel
Santos Bulls1v0Paris Saint German
Manchester City0v1Hamburg Fc
Fc Barcelona3v1La Galaxy
Atheltic Bilibao0v0Bayern Munich
Inter Milan2v0Pitogo Warriors
Arsenal0v1Manchester City
Manchester City0v1Borussia Dortmund
Kalyaan Fc0v0Hamburg Fc
Shalke2v0Celtic Fc
Pitogo Warriors1v0Inter Milan
Fc Barcelona2v0Atletico Mardrid
La Galaxy2v0Malvar Spartans
Atheltic Bilibao1v0Celtic Fc
Real Saragosa0v0Borussia Dortmund
Santos Bulls1v0Manchester United
Fc Barcelona4v0Shalke
Kalyaan Fc0v0Fc Basel
Celtic Fc0v1Manchester City
Borussia Dortmund0v0Malvar Spartans
Paris Saint German0v1Arsenal
Paris Saint German0v1Arsenal
Hamburg Fc1v1Manchester United
Fc Basel0v2Bayern Munich
Inter Milan2v0Bayern Munich
Atletico Mardrid1v1Real Saragosa
Santos Bulls4v1Pitogo Warriors
Atheltic Bilibao1v0Hamburg Fc
Bayern Munich1v0La Galaxy
Fc Barcelona15v0Kalyaan Fc
Paris Saint German1v1Santos Bulls
Manchester United2v0Pitogo Warriors
Atletico Mardrid1v0Atheltic Bilibao
Fc Barcelona4v2Bayern Munich
Manchester City2v0Shalke
Real Saragosa0v1Borussia Dortmund
Malvar Spartans1v1Arsenal
La Galaxy1v0Hamburg Fc
Kalyaan Fc1v2Inter Milan
Fc Basel0v1Celtic Fc
Santos Bulls2v0Atletico Mardrid
Manchester City2v2Manchester United
Real Saragosa0v1Pitogo Warriors
Paris Saint German2v1Fc Basel
Kalyaan Fc2v2Inter Milan
Arsenal1v0Celtic Fc
Hamburg Fc1v0Atheltic Bilibao
Malvar Spartans0v0Shalke
Borussia Dortmund1v2La Galaxy

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