Stonepark U-9

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Blue Star760148222618
2Magic 0463033238-69
3San Jose 72232122-18
5Toros Neza5113825-174

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San Jose 3v2Durango
Blue Star10v6Magic 04
Toros Neza4v5Durango
Blue Star7v2San Jose
Magic 0410v0Toros Neza
Blue Star6v4Durango
Magic 042v9San Jose
Toros Neza0v9Blue Star
Toros Neza0v0San Jose
Durango2v9Blue Star
Durango9v10Magic 04
San Jose 4v5Blue Star
San Jose 1v4Toros Neza
Durango8v0Magic 04
Durango2v2San Jose
Magic 044v2Blue Star

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