stonepark U-6

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1San Jose 11100152104230
3Blue Star1071263263722
4Toros Neza1041556381813
5Traviesos 103071653-379
6Sporting 102082341-186
7Atletico Jirosto1210111680-643
8Melrose Bezz100108-80

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Atletico Jirosto3v11Toros Neza
Traviesos 2v7Sporting
Galacticos2v11Blue Star
Sporting 1v6Blue Star
San Jose 5v0Traviesos
Atletico Jirosto0v15Galacticos
Atletico Jirosto1v5Blue Star
San Jose 1v0Sporting
Traviesos 1v5Toros Neza
San Jose 2v0Atletico Jirosto
Sporting 1v2Galacticos
Blue Star6v6Toros Neza
Traviesos 1v0Atletico Jirosto
Galacticos4v3Toros Neza
Blue Star3v4San Jose
Atletico Jirosto1v5San Jose
Traviesos 0v7Galacticos
Atletico Jirosto0v7Sporting
San Jose 4v2Toros Neza
Traviesos 0v8San Jose
Galacticos6v1Atletico Jirosto
Blue Star8v0Sporting
Traviesos 0v10Toros Neza
Blue Star12v0Atletico Jirosto
Sporting 0v6San Jose
Toros Neza6v4Sporting
San Jose 5v0Atletico Jirosto
Traviesos 8v0Melrose Bezz
Blue Star4v6Galacticos
Atletico Jirosto8v7Toros Neza
Sporting 1v5Galacticos
San Jose 9v0Traviesos
Atletico Jirosto2v4Traviesos
San Jose 3v4Blue Star
Toros Neza3v4Galacticos
Toros Neza3v4Blue Star

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