Stonepark U-13

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Magic Tigres 76014583718
2Durango 860255193618
3Magic Santos 741234181613
4Liverpool 740344242012
5Melrose Bezz84042639-1312
6Club Fonseca 5302171709
7Real Madrid 5212131217
8Toros Neza 72142535-107
9Melrose Bezz #241031427-133
11Chelsea Jr.4013721-141
12Acapulco 2002117-160

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Melrose Bezz5v3Melrose Bezz #2
Toros Neza 9v6Jaguares
Real Madrid 3v1Magic Tigres
Club Fonseca 1v6Durango
Chelsea Jr.1v8Magic Santos
Magic Santos 4v3Durango
Toros Neza 2v4Melrose Bezz
Club Fonseca 5v4Liverpool
Magic Tigres 8v0Melrose Bezz #2
Liverpool 7v3Toros Neza
Real Madrid 2v5Durango
Melrose Bezz7v1Jaguares
Magic Tigres 4v2Magic Santos
Durango 13v3Melrose Bezz #2
Real Madrid 8v3Liverpool
Magic Tigres 8v0Jaguares
Club Fonseca 6v1Toros Neza
Chelsea Jr.5v6Melrose Bezz
Acapulco 0v9Magic Santos
Jaguares4v3Melrose Bezz
Durango 4v3Liverpool
Durango 2v4Magic Tigres
Toros Neza 2v2Magic Santos
Melrose Bezz #28v1Acapulco
Magic Tigres 11v0Melrose Bezz
Real Madrid 0v3Club Fonseca
Toros Neza 7v1Chelsea Jr.
Melrose Bezz1v9Liverpool
Durango 18v2Jaguares
Magic Santos 3v6Liverpool
Durango 4v0Melrose Bezz
Magic Santos 6v2Club Fonseca
Magic Tigres 9v1Toros Neza
Chelsea Jr.0v0Real Madrid

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