stonepark u-10

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1real acapulco 97113333022
2blue star A 86204534220
4galacticos 1052338271117
5america jr.95043123815
6melrose bezz942326131314
8san pancho 84131827-913
10blue star B 92162534-97
11toros neza 82061732-156
12barcelona 82061940-216
14little eagles 8008274-720

Viewed 855 times

america15v0little eagles
galacticos 9v0san pancho
america jr.3v0chivitas
guerreros4v0toros neza
santos0v0blue star A
real acapulco 4v0america
real acapulco 0v1america
melrose bezz0v1san pancho
barcelona 4v1little eagles
galacticos 6v2blue star B
galacticos 1v3blue star B
america jr.1v3guerreros
toros neza 0v5real acapulco
blue star A 3v0melrose bezz
barcelona 4v0blue star B
america jr.6v1little eagles
chivitas0v3melrose bezz
america jr.1v5real acapulco
blue star A 9v0galacticos
blue star B 2v2san pancho
guerreros2v2melrose bezz
galacticos 3v0chivitas
toros neza 8v0barcelona
blue star A 6v0san pancho
america4v2blue star B
real acapulco 1v0melrose bezz
santos14v0little eagles
america jr.10v3barcelona
chivitas0v1san pancho
toros neza 8v1america
blue star A 9v1blue star B
melrose bezz9v0little eagles
real acapulco 3v0galacticos
america5v0america jr.
blue star A 4v1chivitas
toros neza 0v11blue star B
little eagles 0v5galacticos
melrose bezz5v2barcelona
real acapulco 9v0san pancho
america jr.4v0toros neza
blue star B 1v2chivitas
galacticos 7v3barcelona
little eagles 0v8san pancho
melrose bezz3v3america
real acapulco 1v1blue star A
santos3v0toros neza
america jr.6v3blue star B
barcelona 1v6san pancho
galacticos 4v4america
little eagles 0v13blue star A
melrose bezz4v1toros neza
real acapulco 5v0chivitas
santos3v0america jr.

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